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John Bray Junior & Family

By Special Appointment to her late Majesty the Empress Frederick of Germany. JOHN BRAY (ESTABLISHED 1864), ..AUCTIONEER AND VALUER Probate. Mortgage, Reports, and Tax and Rate Appeals), LAND, ESTATE, and HOUBE AGENT, 13. SOUTH COLONNADE. St Leonards on Sea

1891 Census - 2 St Johns Road

BRAY   John                Head           M   M   46   Hastngs Aldrmn/Auctnr(Em'er     Born St Leonards On Sea

BRAY   Agnes Janet      Wife           M   F   43                       Hertfordshire - Bishop Stortford

BRAY   Agnes               Dau            S   F   14                                                  

BRAY   Ethel                Dau            S   F   12                                                    

BRAY   Mary Frances   Dau            S   F   11                                     
BRAY   Gertrude Magdalen   Dau      S   F   9                                   

BRAY   Isabel Elizabeth   Dau          S   F   7                                       

BRAY   Cecily[sic] Evelyn   Dau              S   F   6                                          

BRAY   Margaret Sybil   Dau            S   F   4                                       

BRAY   John                 Son            S   M   3        

BRAY   Charles Reginald   Son         S   M   1

All the children were born in St Leonards.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 28 May 1910
MRS. JOHN BRAY. Our esteemed townsman, Mr. John Bray, of South Colonnade, St. Leonards, and Royston. Buckhurst-road. Bexhill, has sustained heavy bereavement the death of his wife, Mrs. Agnes Janet Bray, which took place on Tuesday.  Mrs. Bray, who was her 63rd year, first complained of illness early in the present year.  As she did not improve Dr. Wills was called in.  He ordered Mrs. Bray away for a change, and she went stay with one of her daughters at Exmouth on April 21st.   Her sister in Plymouth, hearing disquieting accounts of Mrs. Bray's health, went from Plymouth and took Mrs. Bray from Exmouth to that town. She considered her to be so seriously ill that she telegraphed and wrote for Mr. Bray, who went down to Plymouth and brought her home on Friday, May 13th.

But Mrs. Bray gradually got weaker and weaker, and despite unremitting care on the part of her husband and three of her daughters, died on Tuesday.  During the last week of her illness, the fine weather allowed her to be taken out of doors for several hours, and on Sunday she was taking the air the garden.  Mrs. Bray, whose maiden name was Moffat, belonged to-a family very well known and highly respected.  She was married to Mr. Bray in 1875 at Hindlip Church, Worcestershire.  A devoted wife and mother, the deceased lady is one whose loss will be sadly felt, for, quietly and unostentatiously, she was ever ready to do works of charity and kindness, and never lost an opportunity of relieving distress and want.  Mr. and Mrs. Bray have lived for the past six years in Bexhill, before which they resided in St. Leonards, where they lived at 2, St. Johns-road, for 25 years.  Mr. John Bray, seven daughters, and two sons are left mourn their sad loss……….

The late Mrs. Bray was very proud of her daughters' achievements in passing examinations at school, for the Civil Service and for Hospitals.  Three have come out at the head of the lists of successful candidates, one quite recently—Miss Evelyn Bray, of the Poplar Hospital, London.  In the current issue of "The Nursing Times" one of the young ladies takes first prize for a paper on nursing methods.  Mr. Bray's two sons assist their father in his offices.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 04 June 1910
OBITUARY. Mrs. John Bray, The funeral of Mrs. Bray, wife of Mr. John Bray, South Colonnade, St Leonards and Royston, Buckhurst-road. Bexhill, took place last Saturday afternoon.  The first part of the service was held St Peter's Church. St. Leonards, where Mr. Bray was formerly Churchwarden for years…………The Rev. W. C. Streatfeild (vicar St. Peter's) and the Rev. H. V. R. Bromley (curate of. St. Barnabas, Bexhill) officiated.  The Rev. B. V. S. Bromley read the Lesson.  

The chief mourners included: Mr. John Bray (husband of the deceased), Mr. John Bray, jun., and Mr. C. R. Bray (sons), the Misses Daisy, Ethel, Mary, Gertrude, Isabel, and Margaret Bray (daughters), Mrs. F. Hellings (sister), Miss Moffat (sister), Mr. William Moffat (brother), Mr. Albert Bray (brother-in-law), Mrs. Arthur Bray (sister-in-law), Miss Katie Bray (niece), …………

The interment was Hastings Borough Cemetery.  The Rev. H. V. R. Bromley officiated. Mrs. Bray was laid to rest by the side her youngest son. Harold.  The floral tributes were very beautiful...... forget-me-nots, " From her faithful little dog, Gyu.' " The funeral arrangements were very satisfactorily carried out by Messrs. G. W. Hayward and Son, 28, Silchester-road, St. Leonards

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 01 July 1916
Much sympathy will be felt with our respected townsman, Mr. John Bray, of St. Leonards and Bexhill, in the bereavement which he and the family sustained on Monday, the death of his youngest daughter, Miss Margaret Sybil Bray (Peggy).

Miss Bray had been seriously ill for some weeks, and notwithstanding all that medical skill at the Middlesex Hospital could do, there appeared to be no hope of her recovery.  Eleven days before the fatal termination of her illness Miss Bray was brought home to Bexhill.  The funeral took place on Thursday.  The Rev. F. Nuttall officiated at St. Barnabas Church, at 12.15…..The coffin was covered with beautiful flowers.  The mourners included: —Mr. John Bray, Lieut. Jack Bray, Mr. Charles Bray, Miss Mary Bray, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Isabel Bray, Miss Evelyn Bray, Charlotte and Florence, and Mr. Albert Bray……..