Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Dr. Malcolm & Annie Makalua

GC A20

Makalua Matthew Manuia, aged 61, died 31st December 1928

Makalua Annie Clementina aged 65, died 5th November 1927

Matthew Makalua, a cousin of Queen Kapi'olani of Hawaii, was enrolled at St. Chad's, a preparatory school in Denstone, England as part of King Kalakaua’s educational experiment. (Kalakaua, on a world tour, visited the Brasseys.)

In a July 1884 report, Makalua received a "Good" for General Conduct, Divinity, German, Euclid, History, and Declamation.

His Guardian, Manley Hopkins wrote to Honolulu,

“Mr. Makalua is just the contrary (a fellow Hawaiian described  as dull) —quick, mercurial, all sided; able to do something of everything; and is very taking in society: But I fear without much backbone to his character. I had a letter from his Tutor two days ago complaining that he is not working as well as formerly: does not prepare his work, etc, etc. I have written at once to him very seriously, I told him that if he does not pass his matriculation examination (it is about six weeks hence) I do not see any use in his remaining in England.”

Makalua was summoned home by the "Reform Cabinet", but in November of 1887, Manley Hopkins wrote the Hawaiian government asking that Makalua be allowed to finish his training, explaining that if he returned to Hawaii now all would be lost.  Makalua and several of his instructors also wrote asking permission for him to finish medical school.

On January 14, 1888, the London Consulate acknowledged receipt of a telegram advising them that Makalua should remain in London until completing his studies. Mathew thanked the Hawaiian government and told them he would probably earn his diploma in July of 1890.