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Algernon & Dorothea Sibella Batley

Parry's was the second oldest surviving business house in India and one of the oldest in the world.  Algernon worked there, (as did an uncle) and became a partner just before the First World War.

Dorothea (who at times went by her second name, Sibella) lived and worked in the villages of Bengal, and died there, the only member of the family to die in India.  She was also a quite profific author.  (See below).

“In the case of Dorothea Batley, who before beginning training had apparently lived almost as a recluse in her family home under an “extremely eccentric” father [sic], gave cause for worry to an instructor at The Willows, who wrote: “ one who has lived with her could but be anxious as regards temperament & general nerve condition.”.  But her condition obviously improved as she left for India in 1912 after completing two years of study at The Willows.

 Caution was voiced, more appropriately, over cases such as Dorothea Batley’s, who was appraised as being of: “...good ability but is not a woman of sound judgment & is too easily carried away.” - “Go Work in My Vineyard”: The Recruitment and Application of Single Women to the Church of England.  Zenana Missionary Society, 1880-1920  Jennifer Morawiecki

CEZ/C/AM 5/11 Dorothea Sibella Batley - 1912-1943

Letter of application and further correspondence from the candidate; completed 'Questions for Candidates' form; reports and correspondence from referees 1912; includes correspondence from the candidate while working as a missionary in India, and on furlough 1935-1943.

Deed of Trust Between Dorothea Sibella Batley of North Rise, Fairlight Road, Hastings, spinster, and the Parochial Church Council : £250 of 5% War Loan stock for the 'Mrs Batley's Memorial Bible Fund'. Date: 25 Jul 1929

Devotees of Christ. Some women pioneers of the Indian Church 1937
by Dorothea Sibella Batley and A. M. Robinson

A Dowerless Daughter1920 - by D. S. Batley

Bengali Schooldays. A tale (Missionary Stories.)1922  by Dorothea Sibella Batley

The Child at the Well 1925 - by Dorothea Sibella Batley

Gems from the Mine. Missionary tales. With plates 1929 by Dorothea Sibella Batley

The Kamini Bush. A story of Bengal, etc 1925 by Dorothea Sibella Batley

The Priceless Jewel, etc 1929 by Dorothea Sibella Batley

The Taming of Ambo, etc 1924 by Dorothea Sibella Batley

The Two recruits. An allegory, etc. 1927 by Dorothea Sibella Batley

The Two-Shilling Baby 1945 by Dorothea Sibella Batley

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