"the grave's a fine and private place..."

Here you will find links to stories that we have traced from the information on memorials, often illustrated with photos etc.

Lists of people who have a memorial in the graveyard with it’s location - this is on an ongoing project and if you would like to contribute please get in contact.

Stories - people who did amazing things,

People who served their country abroad





People you’ve heard of, and those you haven’t

World War One Stories

People local to Hastings & St Leonards, and people who came here from far and wide, often in search of a cure for the ills that beset them.

If you have a relevant story, or know more than we have found out, please contact us.

Available from Hastings History House, 21 Courthouse Street:


Thanks to Hastings Library Reference staff, Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, the staff in the Cemetery office, British Newspaper Archive,  and all the people we have contacted for permission to use family information from genealogical sites, or photographs from various museums etc., for permissions and for willing assistance.