Allfrey, Dr. Charles H, - (while practising in Kent was a friend of Charles Darwin and signed  his death certificate.)

Anson, Sir Archibald Edward Harbord  - last Lieutenant Governor of Penang, author (autobiography) resident and officer holder in Hastings for many years.

Boase, Frederic - lawyer and biographer, died in St Leonards.

Boulnois, Charles - reporter of Indian Appeals in England for the authorised Indian Law Reports,  1879-1901

Bowser, Ida Thekla

Short story. The Mark of Madness - Liverpool Herald Saturday 12 November 1904 p 12,

Photography as a profession for girls. A chat with Miss Lizzie Caswall-Smith. Young Woman Vol 13 August 1905 pp 388 - 389, illus.

Kalgoorlie Miner Monday 24 September 1906 p 6 Article - The Doctor's Tragic Fate.

The Queenslander Saturday 17 November 1906 -Some Strange Superstitions. in "Woman."

'A Literary Temptation: A Story of a Girl's Journalistic Experiences.' (1909/10):

.The Mail (Adelaide) Saturday 8 December 1917

An article by Thekla Bowser, in the 'Queen,' speaks of the tragedy of a torpedoed hospital ship.

The Whole Art of Bandaging. By Thekla Bowser, F.J.I. with Introduction by James Cantlie, M.A..M.B., F.R.C.8. With numerous Illustrations. Price Is. net, postage 2d.

Six Lectures to St. John V. A. D. Members - Thekla Bowser


Brett, Thomas Brandon

The monument by which his literary labours will be best remembered is the local history, which extends into many large volumes. Work on the Cinque Ports and a volume on the subject of Anti-Vaccination


Cayley, Charles Bagot 1823 - 1883

Dante, La Divina Commedia (trans.), 1851 - 1855

Psyche’s Interludes (poems), 1857

Metrical translation of the Psalms, 1860

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (trans.), 1867

The Iliad of Homer hexametrically translated, 1877


Chamier, Frederick - wrote a series of novels with nautical themes.  

At least two of his books (Jack Adams, the Mutineer and Passion and Principle) were translated into German under the titles Jack Adams, der Meuterer and Leidenschaft und Grundsatz.

A review of the French Revolution of 1848 *


My Travels or an Unsentimental journey through France, Switzerland and Italy


Trevor Hastings - edited (and continued down to 1827)

Clowes , Sir William Laird - a British journalist, author and historian, whose principal work was " :  a skilled linguist and contributed frequently to reviews in England, France, and Germany.  Besides historical and technical books he wrote many stories, mainly of the sea, and has some poetry published.  He was part author of Social England and in 1896, founded and for some years edited, the Naval Pocket Book. He also edited Cassell's Miniature Cyclopaedia (1898).

Cope, Charles Elvey - a writer, poet, composer, organ builder, organist and choirmaster

co author with George Bernard Shaw of a book called ‘The Greatest Craze of the Age’, a book about the tobacco habit

Songs Of A City [1923]

The Golden Art [1925]

Out Of The World's Medley [1928]

Thor [1930]

Cousins, Henry -  historian of Hastings, and for many years one of its most prominent townsmen,

Dalrymple, George Augustus Frederick Elphinstone -

Eastwood, Rev. Johnathan - author; curate at St Leonards for a very short time


Furniss, Harry - wrote and illustrated twenty-nine books of his own, including  and Sand illustrated thirty-four works by other authors

Gardiner, Gerald -

Hatchard, Reverend John Alton

Hawkins , Emily L. (Laurence Therval) - Film script, plays

Huckle, Dr Arthur Henry Headley

Jacob, Lieut.Col. Harold Fenton  Served in India and South West Arabia: He wrote two books, which are still available:

Kincaid, Captain Sir John

Lutwidge, Rev. Charles Henry


Lutwidge, Henrietta


Penley, William Sidney

Percival, William Spencer - H.B.M. Civil Service / Shanghai China; author and adventurer


Phillips, Stephen - a poet who enjoyed a decade of fame, said to have died with the word 'Hastings' on his lips

Piasecki, Sergiusz - a Polish writer, convicted armed robber and smuggler, a brave resistance fighter, a member of Intelligence forces, an executioner……..


Prelooker, Jaakoff  - Russian emigre, founder of ‘New Israel’, prolific writer, lecturer and emancipist

1885: Principles of Altruism in the Ethical Systems of Judaism and Christianity

The Future Prospects of Both Religions.

1888: (in Yiddish) two issues of Rabbi Shalom, popularizing the "New Israel" movement

1890: (in Vienna, in German): Zivischen Judenthum, Christenthum, und alien anderen Religionen. Drama in einem Aufsuge und Zwei Bildern

1894: (first publication in English) The Hidden Jewel, or Ideas and Forms in  Religion

1895: Under the Czar and Queen Victoria; The Experiences of a Russian Reformer

1897-99: From the Stage to the Cross, an Anglo-Russian political novel, serialised in his  journal, The Anglo-Russian.

1900: 'The Lady Cavalier' : [Nadezhda Andreyevna Dourova] the marvellous story of a Russian girl who, disguised as a boy, entered the army, and bravely fought in many battles

1902: (rewritten in English) Rabbi Shalom on the Shores of the  Black Sea, introducing quite new ideas, scenes and  episodes, the publication of which would have been  impossible in Russia.

1904: Russia, what she was, and what she is. An Excursion into a Land of Seething Volcanoes

1905: (in Russian) Wanted: an Anti-Government Government.  Russians, Poles, Jews, Finns, Armenians, Letts, Lithuanians, and others, unite

1907: Heroes and  Heroines of Russia. True and Thrilling Stories

1912: Under the Russian and British flags : a story of true experience with illus / by Jackoff Prelooker, containing also "The Lion and the Bear"


Ross, Percy T - Sergeant -  author, artist, sportsman.  KIA, WW1 - a talented ‘black and white’ artist and a versatile and talented writer


Shipton, Anna – In the years between 1855 and 1890 Anna Shipton published over twenty books, several running into two or more editions on both sides of the Atlantic

Tell Jesus: recollections of Emily Gosse


The secret of the Lord

Wayside service

Precious gems for the Saviour's diadem

The lost blessing

Whispers in the palms

The secret of the Lord

The gift of the knees, or, The ministry of prayer, the ministry of power

Waiting hours with the hungry, and weary, and thirsty in the wilderness

The brook in the way: original hymns and poems.

Hidden springs


The watchtower in the wilderness

Waymarks of my pilgrimage: poems


Thorburn , Thomas James -  was quite a prolific writer of religious books, some of which are still available

On diseases of menstruation and ovarian inflammation : in connexion with sterility, pelvic tumours, & affections of the womb The change of life in health and disease. : A clinical treatise on the diseases of the ganglionic nervous system incidental to …

Health In India For British Women, And On The Prevention Of Disease In Tropical Climates

A Handbook of Uterine Therapeutics and of Diseases of Women

'Education of Girls', British Medical Journal, 1 (2 April 1887)

Wills, William 


Yeates, Victor Maslin - died in Fairlight Sanitorium