William Spencer Percival
H.B.M. Civil Service / Shanghai China / Born 1827 - Died 1888
erected by Mary, his sorrowing wife.

My brave - my beautiful - my beloved

EG J25

Morning Chronicle  19 Aug 1860
Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries

St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Bey. B. Howarth, rector, William Spencer Percival, Esq., only son of William Percival, Esq., to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Clarkson, and niece of Dr. Copland, P.R.S., of Old Burlington- street.  

They had one daughter identified as ‘L’ in writings.

After his death Mary published his collection of writings, Twenty Years in the Far East and paid this tribute -

“I SEND out this as a tribute to the memory of the writer, my late husband………

…….he was full of the joy of living, and was always ready, when opportunity offered, to leave the monotony of official life and snatch a few weeks, or even days, in which to see new sights and meet with fresh experiences.