Maria Antonia Cayley,  died St Leonards on Sea, 29th December 1875 aged 80 AD B01

Charles Bagot Cayley, aged 59 - interred 12/12/1883 (not mentioned on stone) AD A04

Sophia Cayley, aged 72, died 15/03/1889 AD A04

Henrietta Caroline, aged 57, died 29/06/1886 AD A05

Henry Cayley (1768-1850, the youngest son of John Cayley, British consul in St Petersburg)
and his wife Mary Antonia Doughty had six children:

Mary Cayley (b. c.1815)

Sophia Cayley (born in St Petersburg 1817)

William Henry Cayley (1818-1819)

Arthur Cayley (born in Richmond, Surrey in1821, died in Cambridge in 1895), the famous mathematician, spent the first part of his working life as a London lawyer before being appointed Sadlerian Professor of Pure Mathematics at Cambridge University in 1863. In 1865 he married Susan Moline (c.1831-1923), and they had two children: Henry Cayley (1870-1949), an architect who married Kate Dixon (1876-1967) in 1907; and Mary Cayley (1867-1950)

Charles Bagot Cayley (born near St Petersburg in 1823, died in London in 1883), linguist and close friend of the poetess Christian Rossetti

Henrietta Caroline Cayley (born in Blackheath, Kent in 1828, died 1886 in Hastings, Sussex)


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