Plot AI K9  (the memorial stone may be buried under the grass)

Johnathan Eastwood was born on the 31st October, 1823. He was educated at Wakefield proprietary school and afterwards at Uppingham. At St. John's college', Cambridge, he graduated B.A. 1846.  He was ordained at York by archbishop Musgrave, and, being the only deacon who knew anything of the Hebrew language, was selected for preacher in the following year, when he proceeded to priest's orders. He was Curate of Ecclesfield from 1 Feb. 1848 to 1 July 1854; when, on his marriage, he became Curate of Eckington.

Marriage: at Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, the Rev. Jonathan Eastwood, M.A., Curate of Eckington, Derbyshire, to Anne Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Frederick Dixon, Esq., of Page Hall, Sheffield.

In 1862 the Bishop of Lichfield repeated an offer of preferment, and he accepted the church at Hope, in the Potteries of Staffordshire.

Mr. Eastwood married at Ecclesfield, August 3, 1854, Anne Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Frederick Dixon, esq. of Page Hall in that parish, a magistrate for the West Riding, and had issue a son, John Frederick, born in 1855, and two daughters.

On his death it was reported to the bishop by Sir Lovelace Stamer, the Rector of Stoke upon Trent, and Rural Dean, that " In Mr. Eastwood the Church in the Potteries has lost one of its most earnest, faithful, and judicious clergy— certainly its most accomplished."

The book “History of the Parish of Ecclesfeld in the County of York”. By the Rev. J. Eastwood, M.A. Curate of Eckington, Derbyshire, formerly Curate of Ecclesfield is one of the most elaborate and well­compiled topographical productions that has appeared of late years.  Its author unfortunately did not long survive its production.

Besides his History of Ecclesfield, Mr. Eastwood was the joint author of " The Bible and Liturgical Word Book. By the Rev. J. Eastwood, clerk, and W. A. Wright, Esq. Trinity College, Cambridge " (announced for publication by Messrs. Macmillan). He was also a frequent writer in Notes and Queries and in The Reliquary.

Rev Jonathan Eastwood came down from Eccesfield in Yorkshire where he was the curate to Hastings in 1864  to recover from TB.  He died at St. Leonard's on Sea, July 5, 1864, aged 40 and is buried in Hastings Cemetery.

His address was listed as The Rectory, Church Road on his death certificate (next door to the St Mary Magdalen Church - now the Greek Orthodox Church)