Friends of Hastings Cemetery

A - B

Abbott, David - went to Australia aged 19, studied and became a solicitor and large land owner.  Died in Buchanan Hospital while visiting his daughter in Hastings.

Abraham, Robert, local stonemason, Abraham, William, son, remembered

                  Annie, and son Robert  WW1

Absolon, William & grandson, Hackebarth, William H H - We do not know a lot about William Absolon, partly because it was a common name in Wallingford. From whence he came, probably for his health.  Also mentioned is his grandson, William H H Hackebarth, who died aged 10 months.  William was only 39.

Adams, Charles - local fisherman who died of pneumonia while on leave from H.M.S."Island Prince" WW1

Adams, Henry - Drowned March 3 1891 on the breakup of the Linnet

Adams, James & parents Edward & Alice - fishing family; James served in the RAF, WW1

Adams, John Paine & Rachel - came to Hastings, publican of “Cottage Inn” St Andrews Road (later Queens Road)

Alderton, Charles J.P.  Hastings ironmonger  (c1813-1885)

Allen, George  & parents, George Thomas & Naomi - Grave has a “Book of Remembrance for other family members.  George was killed in WW1, 1918

Allfrey, Charles Henry & Emily Malden - doctor, lived locally; while practising in Kent signed Charles Darwin's death certificate.

Anson, Sir Archibald Edward Harbord & Isabelle Jane - last Lieutenant Governor of Penang, author (autobiography) resident and officer holder in Hastings for many years.

Arbuthnott, John Campbell, Jeannie and Hugh Hamilton - Hugh killed in action, buried in what is now Iraq, WW1- 1915

Armitage, Stephen - founder of Icilma Cosmetics Company

Armitage, Dr.James, wife & daughter Laurie Elizabeth - retired to Netherwood, lost 3 sons in WW1, also active in Icilma.

Armitage, James Allan Ross & Ruth, Ruth's sister, Muriel Estelle - in their uncle's grave - WW1

The Austin Brothers, Eric Mannington and Frank Ernest - one serving in UK forces, one in New Zealand forces. Killed in WW1 within a year of each other

Baker, General William Adolphus - served in India, died St. Leonards.

Balcombe, Charles Edward  local; died WW1, 1917

Balcombe - local family;  Elizabeth Esther - lady's maid,  husband, Edward John -  ; son, Edward John William - KIA, WW1

Ball, Richard & Family - Captain of the New Albertine pleasure yacht for many years

Banks, John - a schoolmaster and so much more, author of a book on smuggling, son of a receiver, interests in astronomy, physics, chemistry, maths, meteorology.  A local benefactor

Bannister, Sodi, Maud & Fred - local family; Frederick killed in action, WW1 - 1917

Barker, Rev. William & Eleanor, his wife - Pastor of Wellington Square Baptist Church for many years.

Barnes, Janet Keith - amongst other Christian bequests left money to the schools of Christ Church, St Leonards.  Ornamented memorial seems to have a quartet of otters at the top of the upright of the cross.

Barthram, Edward, Ivy & Florence - Hastings born, served in Navy during WW1 and later with the Coastguard

Batley, Rev. William & Catherine, - established almshouses in Fairlight

Bawtree, Dinah & Henry, and their grandson, Lawrence Bawtree Meredith - hidden stories?  Their grandson was with them in 1891 aged 7; they died a month apart.

Beagley, Richard & Mary - lived locally, members of the temperance movement.

Beaney, W. F & Family - wife Lucy and sons Charles Arthur and Albert Edward, both in the Navy, lost within six weeks of each other.  Local Family; WW1

Beasley, Charles & Family - brewing family from Kent, one son and his wife developed an important ethnographic collection.

Beck, Elizabeth, Moses & Family - lived locally

Beck, Samuel - "Prisoners' Friend" Quaker, responsible for building of Halton Mission Hall, and his daughter, Susannah Rickamn Beck, who was training to be a minister in India when she died, and granddaughter, Agnes Beck.

Beck, William Coker and Jane

William Crabbe (Grandson) Major, died WW1

Bennett , Hugh Chaffey - moved to Hastings and lived here for 11 years with wife and daughter , also remembered son Hugh Chaffey, Late Captain S. S. "Oratova" [wherein lies a mystery]

Bennett, Samuel James - well known in local Nonconformist circles

Berridge, Alice Georgina  - lived in St Kitts, West Indies

Betts Family, William, Elizabeth & Henry Thomas - local fisherman, drowned

Betts, Mary Anne & Jane - - daughters from a Hastings fishing family, died at different times, both aged 44

Bishop, Daniel Edward - doctor; served in te Union Forces of the American Civil War as paymaster. Died in Hastings.

Blomfield, Barbara & Elizabeth (Lizzie) - daughters of Henry & Elizabeth, below; long time residents in Hastings

Blomfield, Henry & Elizabeth - Jamaican missionaries, later ran a school in Hastings,  parents of the Blomfield photograpers

Blomfield, john Henry & Elizabeth (and 2 children) -

Blomfield, William Knibb - Hastings photographer

Blount, Madeline and Patrick Clavell  - Madeline was born Ventris; a voluminous author on various subjects and was a campaigner against the fluoridation of the public water supply

Boase, Frederic - lawyer and biographer, (Modern English Biography, in 6 volumes) died in St Leonards.  Writer

Bonar, Mary J -  ran an old folks’ home in St Leonards. - Reinterred/buried, with her murdered sister-in-law and niece.

Bond, Mary Ann  & J. L. Evans family - she was for many years a faithful and affectionate servant and friend, in the family of Mr. J. L Evans, who was for many years the principal clerk in the Paymaster's Office in the Supreme Court, before retiring to Hastings about 20 years ago.

Booth, Edward Thomas - Lived for some time, and married locally.  Founder of Booth Museum of Natural History. Buried with his parents, Edward and Marianne. No memorial remains.

Boreham, Harry Pendry - acting second lieutenant, died WW1 (Family grave, Harry White Boreham and his wife Emma)

Borrow Family Local school teachers, artist

Bosting, George & Caroling Annie. - George was killed in action, WW1, 1917.

Boucher, Thomas -a many sided local celebrity” greengrocer, theatrical agent, actor, fireman,swimmer, stuntman………

Boulnois, Charles & Family - legal, India, explorers, Sudan, authors, artists……..

The Bowerman Family, William, Edith (later Chibnall) & Elsie - Edith and Elsie, who survived the Titanic disaster, were strong in the suffragette movement.

Bowser, Ida Thekla - WW1; journalist, author, VAD nurse

Boyd, General Brooke  & his 2nd wife Albina  His obituary in HSLO is headlined "Old Indian Veteran"

Bradnam, Edwin, Eliza Rosina and Gertrude - lived in Hastings from 1868; Mayor, Captain, Voluntary Fire Brigade, many other civic activities.  Accidental death.

Brasier, Charles  - Crew, James and Elizabeth, local fisherman, drowned

Brasier, William - James and Elizabeth, local fisherman, drowned

The Bray Family:

John & Elizabeth Bray et al– Local baker

Bertram Bray - their son, organist at St Peter’s, St Leonards

John & Agnes Bray - et al Bertram’s brother (& employer) Alderman/Auctioneer, Estate Agent

Cicely Evelyn Garrod, née Bray - daughter of John & Agnes, decorated nurse, WW1

Brazier,Henry - drowned - Henrietta

Breeds, Edgar, son of Edward (below) - WW1 naval, lost with ship.

Breeds, Edward James (Tiny), Landlord, The London Trader, Councillor, Owner of Edward & Mary

Brett, Rowland Brandon - son of Thomas; lovely angel monument

Brett, Thomas Brandon - local  journalist and veteran local historian, amongst much else

Bridgeland Carrots - Hastings family,  three sons and a son-in-law killed in WW1

Bridges, Ada & Henry, of whom little is known, and their son Eric, who died in action on 29th January, 1917

Briggs Family -  William James, (WW1 casualty) Eliza and Thomas Charles - family lived locally for many years

Brind, Frederick William & family - wine merchant & businessman, lived in St Leonards for a number of years.  

Brind, General Sir James G.C.B, R.A. - A much respected soldier in India, uncle of the above, lived in Upper Maze Hill for some years

Browne, Margaret & Dr. John Harris - Pastoralist in South Australia, member of Sturt’s expedition, and much more, ably supported by his wife

Broughton, Joshua & Harriet Mary Ann - retired to Hastings, where their daughter Alice married Henry Blackman, of Upfield & Sons

Brown, Darell, Louisa & Henry - served in Honourable East India Company, Bombay; lived locally and were charitable.

Brown, Private Hugh Herbert Wiggins, born in St Leonards; Canadian Infantry; WW1, died 1918

Browne, Clara, George, Georgina & Thomas - George was Assistant Accountant in the India Office.

Buckerfield, Mary Ann[e]- the valued servant of Rev. E Woodyatt

Jane Bulkeley Johnson (nee Head) and various members of the family, involved in government, the military and trade.

Bullock, Rev. William C Bullock - Rector of Ore from 1897 to 1929
Bullock, Mrs. Helen Janetta - wife of the above, who died in 1952 and continued to work in the parish in many roles.
Bullock, Canon Frederick W B - son of above, a prodigious author and rector of Church in the Woods, Hollington
Bumstead, Stephen J - local, serving with the 5th Royal Sussex, died aged 16. WW1- 1914

Bumstead, William Captain of the James and Elizabeth, local fisherman, drowned

Burgess, Albert & Ellen

Burgess, Philip John - local; died WW1

Burgess, Reginald T - local; died WW1 1918

Burguieres, Philippe Julien  - French language & literature professor, inhabitant of Hastings for many years, remembered on two gravestones, one in Kent.
Burrell, John Charles & Matilda
- In 1891 they are living at “Blacklands”, Baldslow Road, Hastings. John was a retired watch-maker, and Matilda living on her own means.  They both played a large part in the church and other civic responsibilities.

Staveley, Charlotte and brother Alfred - born in Mauritius, from a renowned military family

Butler John James & Family - owner of Butler’s Emporium.

Wallace Butler, Sergeant - DCM  died in France, WW1. Son of John Butler, the owner of the famous Emporium in George St.  Remembered on family gravestone - John and Mary

Butter, Donald & Eliza, and son Arnold - Donald was a surgeon, Opium Examiner and later Inspector General of Hospitals with  the  Bengal Medical Establishment of the East India Company. Arthur retired as a Major-General having served in the Bengal Staff Corp.


C - D

Caine, William Hull & Agnes Shakespear - a Lieutenant General Royal [late Madras] Artillery. He was the son of Col. W Caine Lt. Governor of Hong Kong. Agnes was his ‘devoted wife’ eldest daughter of General Sir Richard Meade.  Retired to St Leonards.  [India, Mutiny]

Campbell, William, Mary Ann & family: William was a surgeon, of Wellington Square

Cannon, Martin M and Eliza - first marriage in Australia, children born there.  A geneological mystery

Carpenter Family - Henry laid out the Borough Cemetery and was the architect of the Silver Hill Chapel in 1857, later St Luke’s Church, to which he contributed the sum of £5 towards the building costs.  

Jack (Joseph) Bertram Catt   Hastings born, died in WW1

Joseph and Harriett Catt   Local Builder

Cayley Family - Charles Bagot Cayley was a leading figure in the London Philological Society, a very able linguist and a friend of the Rosettis.  He and Christina fell in love but didn’t marry because of religious differences.

Chambers: Frederick, Sophie & Edith -

Frederick Chamier (1796–1870)  Novelist, Naval Captain

Chapman, Alfred James - Fish Buyer of Hastings

Chapman, Charles & Family - St Leonards’ Dairy Dynasty

Chapman, Charles, wife & daughter - Builder, and one of the founders of Mount Pleasant Church

Chapman, Henry - builder of Old Humphrey Avenue, Letting Agent, Landlord and The Hughenden Hall opened at 97 All Saints Street

Chapman, Peter & Family - Solicitor; born and practised in Barbados

Chesney, Isabel - murdered by her husband, buried with her aunt and Mother

Childers, Katherine Ann AW G30

Clarke, E. E., Annie & son Hubert - local draper, office holder, literary & artistic member of many societies, a noted supporter of the Entente Cordiale

Clowes , Sir William Laird - a British journalist, author and historian, whose principal work was "The Royal Navy, A History from the Earliest Times to 1900" [still in print] Buried with his wife, Ethel Mary Louisa

Cobb, Alf, and his second wife Mary - both hawkers in Hastings; “Some of the jiggery-pokery uncovered by Cobb went into Robert Tressell’s book and I’m sure Cobb’s uncompromising, sardonic and fearless style helped to fire him to speak his mind.” [Ball 123]

Considine, Jane - died in Hastings

ooper, Helen Johnston - relict of a superintendent of P & O, Bombay (India)

Cooper, Captain John Robert Deane R. N. & Wife, Beatrice Susan (later Davies?) Distinguished naval service

Cope, Charles Elvey - a writer, poet, composer, organ builder, organist and choirmaster was born in 1870 in St Leonards

Corbett,  Andrew & Gibson  Family, of Glasgow and Melbourne

Corby, Charles & Desiree Hortense Blanche - He was a London tailor and they lived at lived at Hollybank, Seddlescombe Road South. Currently there is not a lot known of them.

Corry Family - The youngest daughter, Mayflower, to whom most of the memorial is dedicated, diesd at the Convent in Old London Road, Hastings, in 1863

Cousins, Henry -  historian of Hastings, and for many years one of its most prominent townsmen, author of “Hastings of bygone days - and the present

Coussens, Joseph David - The Story of “RX Boy Billie 61” and those lost with her

Cowie, Edward - Solicitor of Calcutta who died at Hastings, aged 35.  [India]

Cox, Charles William George - died of tuberculosis on 11th May 1919.  WW1

Cox, Major-General William  - brief account of the first monument in the Cemetery.

Creed, Henry - died WW1 - family grave, Richard and Harriet Creed

Craigie, Mary Jane, General Sir Patrick Edmonstone & daughter Elizabeth Henrietta – a Scottish Indian Army family, lived in Hastings for many years.

Croft, Sir Frederick Leigh , Baronet - Sir Frederick Leigh Croft was the general manager of the leading British managing agency in Karachi, Douglas Graham and Company and only non-Indian on the Board of directors of The Bank of India. Locally he was everybody's friend and a helping hand in time of need.

Culhane, Frederick W. S & Lucy - F.W.S. was variously Medical Officer, Hastings Union, no.3 district; Workhouse Medical Officer, Board of Guardians; District medical officer; President of the East Sussex Medico-Chirurgical Society etc. Lucy died in the same year her youngest child was born.

Culhane, Robert Crowdy - a promising life cut short, during but not by, WW!. (More on members of the Culhane family coming soon.)
And - James, Minnie Agnes - dearly loved friend and Nannie to the family of the late  Dr. F W. S. Culhane

Culhane, Rosalind & Rosalind Mary = Mother & sister respectively of F W S Culhane. Rosalind a “beloved Mother”.

Dalrymple, George Augustus Elphinstone  Scottish, Explorer Australia

Dalziel, Agnes - remembered on grave of “faithful servant”

Daumas /Hope family - unusual wheel memorial, Children of French missionaries in Orange Free State, South Africa.

Davis, William Ernest - monument and CWG grave; Died at Cooden Camp, 1916. WW1

Dawes Family Royal Navy, Coastguard,  Canada

de Falbe, Charles Vigant Monterossi   Captain, Royal Danish Navy

De Selvier Family  Composers [?] Worked for J. B. Cramer & Co.,a musical instrument manufacturing, music-publishing and music-selling business in London & Dublin

de Wesselow, Francis Guillemard Simpkinson - naval officer, served  under Joseph Kay's nephew;  renowned 'Tasmanian' artist; nephew of Sir John Franklin's wife, Jane. Married locally.  Friend of Samuel Prout's nephew, and of JMW Turner

Deas, Marion Cairns, & daughters Margaret Fleming, Mary Jane, Marion Jessie, & son Cairns - all born in Scotland; Cairns was a civil engineer in Calcutta and lived in Hastings Street

Dennett Family - see below
Dennet, Thomas Frank Preston Thwaites - killed in action in WW1 - remembered on a family tomb with his parents, brother-in-law and nephew
Dernbach Family - see Dunbar, J
Devey, George - Architect & unacknowledged Father of the Arts & Crafts Movement
Dewar, Rev. David Erskine - there are a number of Dewars and Parrys in the Cemetery, but we are not currently aware of any connection (watch this space!) But we do know that he was the father of Annie Clementina Makalua.
Dibley, Johnathon & Emma & William Dengate - local contractor, his daughter and son-in-law
Diplock, William - Father (buried in All Saints) & son - local librarians, and lots more besides
Disraeli, Isabella Anne - wife of James, Benjamin Disraeli's brother.
duke, William
Dixon, James W  Navy
Duke, William & Sarah - Doctor; lived in St Leonards
Dunbar, John Thomas - local; died from illness contracted while serving; WW1
Dunk, Henry George  Murder Victim

Dunn, Thomas Henry & his son, Harry - Tracing the occupants of this broken gravestone revealed several sad stories.

Dunster, George - James and Elizabeth, local fisherman, drowned
Dyer, Edward Arnold, & his parents Edward & Annie - killed at Gallipoli, WW1. “Mr. Dyer's life has been one of great activity in the public interest, and although he only came to Hastings in his later days, he was very well known in the town.”

Dymond, Thomas Southall & Isabel Emily - Mrs. Dymond became a magistrate in June 1922 so that while Alderman Dymond was Mayor, both husband and wife were entitled sit on the magisterial bench - a very rare occurrence.


E - G

Eastwood, Rev. Johnathan - author; curate at St Leonards for a very short time
Edmunds, Lance-Corporal William - Royal Engineers; from a local family, died of septicaemia as a result of wounds resulting from an accident, WW1.

Elliot, Lieut.Col the Hon Gilbert   Rifle Brigade

Elworthy, Thomas & Louisa - councillor, architect, engraver, draughtsman.  Louisa was a Hastings girl
Ernsting, Frederick Augustus, Mary Anne, and son Charles - local trader, tailor etc.

Eshelby,Edwin  Manager of the London House of Steinway and Sons

Eshelby, Eva Emma - daughter of above

Evans, Kingsley Alan - a private in the 48th Battalion Canadian Infantry; uncle lived locally; died WW1, pneumonia

Ewbank, Emma Jane & memorial to one of her sons, Rev. Charles - Widow of English born South Australian churchman

Farrier Family - three sons killed in WW1, seven family members in forces.  Thomas Matthew Farrier - Unmarked grave.

William Felton-Smith - lived locally; Chief Petty Officer, in the Royal Naval Volunteers.  Died WW1

Field, Fanny & Walter  Cemetery Superintendent

Finny, Thomas George Roecastle  Gentleman, Commander Royal Indian Marine Service, youngest child born locally

Foster, Rev. Charles, Edith Susan & Herbert Knollys - local connections, Herbert was KIA, WW1 1914, just a month before his 20th birthday.

Foster Cyril Lambert (served as Lambert) died from sickness relating to WW1 service.

Foster, Percy George  WW1

Freeman, William and Caroline & daughter Elizabeth - local family

Fuller, Henry Arthur, local; Fuller & Swatland (Provisioners) & Fuller, Henry Arthur, son of above; WW1 casualty

Furley, William Deey - very little known

Furniss, Harry - cartoonist, illustrator, traveller, writer, lecturer and pioneer animator. Active locally

Gale, Frank - local; died in the Middlesex War Hospital WW1 1917

Gallop, William Arch. & Harriet - local fisherman and mariner

Galloway, Cecil Hinds Arthur - Corporal, WW1 wounded, died in Military Hospital

Gambier, Dr. Thomas Founder and Medical Superintendent of the Eversfield Hospital

Gant, Major John Castle - Solicitor, lived locally, died Chiddingly, buried with his aunt in Hastings Cemetery; lived to 100.

Gant, William John & Family - Architect & Surveyor; appointed by the Town Council to make a survey of the built up areas of the town. Appointed Borough Surveyor.

Gardiner Family - Rev. George Gregory

Gardiner, George Edward (Reverend)

Gardiner, Selina Harriet  - local Sunday School teacher

Gardiner, Charles Gregory -  Commander, RN

Gardiner, Robert Septimus -  Businessman and interested in the arts

Gardiner, Gerald Austin - Lord Chancellor

Gardner, William  - American, inventor of the Gardner Gun

Garnier, Captain John Warren - lived locally for some years; casualty WW1

Garrod, Cicely Evelyn , née Bray - daughter of John & Agnes, decorated nurse, WW1.

Gedge, William Edward. Emily Isabella & baby Herbert - William spent many years in Ghana and the family then went to Melbourne, where Herbert was born (and died) William was a Landing Waiter in the Customs Service

Gibb, James Torrance - 10 years old, on holiday from Canada, died in St Leonards

Gibbons, Sir Sills John 1809-1876 - Lord Mayor of London

Gibson, Thomas Barton - local, teacher, died of wounds received in action, WW1 1917

Giffard, Lucy Sophia Ada - The middle daughter in a family of three, born at Chillington Hall, in Staffordshire, she seems to have spent much of her life in care in Hastings and surroundings.

Ginner, Will & Anne - coal merchant, owner of the Pelican, probably the most famous collier on Hastings Beach.  He was a JP and Mayor in 1854, 1858 and 1862

Glen, John M Grey, his wife, sister in law, (M A Graham) and step-son - (Thomas Goldsworthy) Lucknow story, some of the mourners at the funerals

Glenister, William Montagu - “Father of the Hastings Police Force”; Founder of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inventor - Glenister-Merryweather Fire-fighting Tricycle

Goldberg, Rev. John Benjamin & Isabella - a rabbi who converted to Christianity and became a missionary  
Goodsell, Rowland & William  -
local, both drowned, 12 years apart
Goss-Custard, Sarah & Walter - organist and choir master of Christchurch St Leonards for 43 years
Gouffe, Alphonse  Chef, French
Grant, Robert George Hunter  - Major General in the Royal (Madras) Horse Artillery.  Resident in St Leonards for some years prior to his death. [India]

Gravenor, William Thomas - Member of United Conservative Association, Vicar's Churchwarden at Emmanuel Church
Graves Family - moved from Kent to become a ‘local’ family

Graves, Charles Atkins - landscape artist & drawing master
Green, Horace Salkeld - born locally; Major (acting Lieutenant Colonel) KIA WW1
Greenhill, Alexander & Laura - doctor; writer; founder of Hastings Cottage Improvement Society
Guidici, Paolo Emiliani = Italian man of letters; Artist & engraver, Professor of Aesthetics in Florence, Member of Italian Parliament. His most famous work remains the History of Italian literature, a valuable document of romantic criticism prior to De Sanctis. Died at Glenmoor, Silverhill Park


H - L

Hall, Samuel (Knight) & Family - family lived locally; left money to fund scholarships still in existence

Hanby, Edward Wrey - born in India, WW1 related death from tuberculosis

Hansard, Arthur Agar  - Master Mariner, a varied life, sailed between England and Australia over many years, lived in Queensland for some years, retired to England

Harkness, Major-General John Granville , J.P. - officer in the 55th Foot throughout the Crimean War; retired with the rank of Major-General

Harris, Henry William and Adelaide Emma - local family

Harman, Rachel & Henry Zebulon - He first went to sea when 10 years old and all his life was much respected by his comrades.

Harte, Hamet Williama & Rev. Edward John - Siblings. Related to Peter Chapman and family of Barbados

Alfred Hassam - a portrait painter and stained glass designer who worked mainly in Birmingham

Hatchard, Reverend John Alton & Harriet Sophia Woodworker, author, property developer, St Leonards Commissioner etc.

Hatton, Frederick W - died WW1 - remembered on grave of F.G. Hatton, father.  

Hawkins, Emily   aka Laurence Therval, actress

Head, Jane  & family Army, India
Head, Samuel Creagh  Army, India

Head, William & his wife, later Frances Breach. Despite the impressive obelisk in in pink granite not a lot is known of this couple.  Frances subsequently married a William James Breach
Helsdown, James Arthur - crew, of The Pioneer, fishing boat, drowned.
Hennah Family Navy, Coastguard (local) Merchant Navy, Lost at Sea

Heritage, Audrey - from Bexhill; VAD Nurse, died aged 17; WW1

Hickman, Louisa (Daisy) & John - Last owner of Hole Farm. Louisa is described as "A charming personality and worker for charity" and John as "A Sad Loss to the Farming Community".  Also on the gravestone and their youngest daughter Sybil and her husband Harry Wells.

Hickman, John George & family - local butcher

Hickman, Jack - KIA WW1 1917

Hilder, William Roland - Engineer of the Cyril & Lillin Bishop, killed in the Swan Inn Bombing.

Hill, Frederick J - from local family, serving with Canadian forces, WW1, died in hospital, 1916

Hogg, Mary Louisa - Suffragette, & seller of suffragette newspaper - in all weathers

Holman Family Gravestone
Holman, Joseph Cecil  Irish Constabulary, Murder victim

Hook, Sidney Herbert - WW1 - presumably died of wounds, an accident or illness as his death was registered locally and he is buried in the cemetery in a family grave.

Hope / Daumas family - unusual wheel memorial, Children of French missionaries in Orange Free State, South Africa.

Hopper, Mary Anne - For 63 years faithful nurse and friend in the family  of Rev. W. Darnell

Howarth, William Conquest, and his wife Emily Maria - Lt.Col. The Buffs and West India Regiment

Howell Family  Local builders, Mayor 1878, influential local family
Howell, Herbert Edgar  Son & grandson of Howell & Son, died in WW1
Huckle, Dr. Arthur Henry Headley Dentist, Lawyer, Local Doctor and much more

Arthur Foord Hughes - son of Arthur Hughes, painter associated with the Pre-Raphaelites, Arthur junior was a painter in the same mould and lived for many years in the area.

Hutchings, George   local; journalist, mayor

Hume, Sarah - born Blomfield; (son John on her parent’s grave - Blomfield)

Icely, Caroline Charlotte - eldest daughter of a family listed in “Australian Royalty: Geneology of the colony of NSW

Ingelton, Mary Anne Rosina, Daisy & Henry, - one of those stories where the story the memorial records, conceals the facts
Ionides Family   Original owners, Windycroft; British based Greek family, members of London Society, patrons of the arts. Related by marriage to Danreuthers

Jacob, Lieut.Col. Harold Fenton - Served in India and South West Arabia: was author of two books about his experiences. Retired to Hastings.

James, Laura Elizabeth - a much decorated New Zealand nurse, whose ashes were scattered in the Garden of Remembrance.
Jarrett, Boaz  Local builder, employer of Robert Tressell

Jarvis, William Le Roy - an American from Florida serving with the Canadians, stationed in St Leonards, married a local girl.  Died WW14

Jempson, Charles - Shipwright, innkeeper, Workouse resident, unmarked grave.

Jenkins, Brigadier General Noble Fleming - "In a time of peace he had died a soldier's death, so they gave him a soldier's funeral"

Jenkins, Peter & Family - builder, contractor, monumental mason, carman, smith and wheelwright

Jerdon, Flora Alexandrina Matilda - married & lived in Madras for many years.  Resident in St Leonards for some years prior to her death. [India] (Buried in above tomb)

Jinks, Alfred Newman - local; son of Sarah & William; KIA WW1

Job, Joseph & Charlotte  & son Adam Pentecost Job
Job, Susannah, James Hadden  and daughter Susan

Job, Joseph Hadden & Maria - son of Joseph

Job, Rebecca & Kerenhappuch - daughters of Joseph

Jones, Richard Nelson  Navy

Jones Sydney Edward - local; killed in action, WW1, aged 18, 1918

Jowers, Alfred & his second wife, Charlotte - architect and surveyor and possibly an artist

Kane, John James (known in Hastings as James Harvey

Kapadia, Zoe & Ardeshir  - Zoe came to stay with her daughter in Hastings when she became ill, and died here.  Her husband, a barrister and councillor for Ilford, visited the grave every weekend, and asked that his ashes should be buried in the same grave.

Kearne, Hubert Lindsey - lived locally; returned from abroad to fight in WW1, suffered severely and was found drowned

Kember, Hilda Maud, Morten & John William - lived locally; John KIA, WW1 1914

Kemp, Dr. William George, - for many years one of the leading practitioners of Wellington, New Zealand.  He returned to England in 1892 and later came to live in Hastings.  His daughter, Elise, a nurse, was killed in action in France, WW1.

Kent, Herbert - local, killed in action, WW1, 1917

Kent, Maria Penelope - died far from her home in Whitchurch, Shropshire

Kenward, Henry - dairyman of Courthouse Street
Kenwood, John  Builder

Kernot, Dr. George Charles & his wife Eliza - a very well known resident of Hastings
Kincaid, Captain Sir John  Army, Author

King, George W & Sarah, and their sons Frederick (KIA, France, WW1, 1917) and Edwin ( KIA, Greece,WW1, 1918)

Kinnis, John McGregor - Sergeant, MM and Bar - local, remembered on the grave of his grand

parents, John and Mary; KIA, WW1

Lake, James, Fanny, Eustace, Geoffrey & Frank Gilbert - Frank died at Ypres, WW1 1915 and Geoffrey died in Canada, WW1 - on active service' 1918

Land, Edgar Hubert - buried HBC, died WW1 1917

Langham, James George  & Family - Local Solicitor; lived in the High Street

Langton, Charlotte nee Wedgwood – Charles Darwin's sister-in-law; artist

Lansdell Family builder, landowners, solicitor, surveyor

Larkins, Colonel Roberston & Fanny Larkins - frequent visitors to, then resident in, Hastings. (Indian Service)

Leeson, Albert Edmund & Alice - he was a distinguished graduate  (M.A. M.D.) of Trinity College. Dublin, and practised in Buenos Aires, London, Switzerland, etc.  Alice supported him in his work, visiting patients.

Deeping, Dr. George & wife Marion - parents of author Warwick Deeping.  Lived at “Oaklands”, top of St Helen’s Park Road

Lehmann, Hedwig Helena - little is known
Leighton, George Alfred & Family - a tailor who later became the inn keeper of Railway Inn, St. Leonards.  His son George became a tailor in George Street.
Lepper, William  - James and Elizabeth, local fisherman, drowned

Lesage, Seraphine Titine - French, a loyal servant to local family

Lewns, Carleton James - Auctioneer, Bailiff etc. Member of the Fire Brigade; vocalist.

Lewis, William Russell - Born 1st August 1909 in Melbourne, Australia. He died, aged 15 at Buchanan Hospital, Hastings.  Before this, while in England, he attended school in Hastings.

Lindridge, George  - organist at St Mary in the Castle, Professor of Music, composer, Owner - pianoforte, harmonium & music warehouse, no.44 Robertson St.

Ling, Raymond - killed in France in 1917 aged 24 [WW1]is remembered on the grave of his mother Ellen

Long, William, Newsagent & Tobacconist at no.90 Norman Rd in 1880; a Crimean War veteran (and author) & local temperance evangelist; his son Harry had a shop at no.88, & Harry's wife Annie

Lovack-Land, lived locally; three sons died in WW1

Ludlam Family - workers for the Church (related to Beasleys)

The Lutwidge Family - local church stalwarts; Lewis Carroll’s relations


 M - P

M’Clelland, John and Sophia Swaine - a very busy man, spent most of his life in India. He was a surgeon with wide ranging interests, including metallurgy,  geology and biology.  Sophia was his widower, and although remarried, was buried with him. (Also spelt McClelland)

MacDonald, Ernest James MacDonald - Indian Mutiny Veteran; Bandsman, Composer, well known in local musical circles

Mackintosh, Andrew & Elizabeth - importer living in Buenos Aires; died at Levetleigh.

Makalua, Matthew M (Dr), MRCS, LRCP & Annie Clementine First ethnic Hawaiian to qualify as a doctor

Manley, William Henry, Naomi & William Robert - a local family with a lovely memorial stone, whose story turns out to be more complicated than first thought

Mansell, Dr. Edward Rosser    Civil Surgeon - Zulu Wars; Assistant Surgeon for the East Sussex, Hastings and St. Leonards Hospital

Marchant, William James - first WW1 casualty to die at Old Hastings House

Marsden, Dr. James Loftus & Rosa - Water cure doctor (from Malvern) and daughter

Marten, Sir Alfred George, QC - an English politician and barrister. Lived and died in St Leonards

Mason, Thomas & Elizabeth - lived at Silverhill, Elizabeth a local benefactor

Mastin Family - owners of Mastins, the once famous Breeds Place department store

Mathews, Arthur William Henry - died of injuries received in the WW1 - in 1930  and Agnes Irene, his wife

Matters Porter, Muriel - born in South Australia, a suffragist who was the first woman to "speak" in the British Parliament (cremated)

Meads, Harriet & William - they honeymooned in St Leonards, and returned to live there, before spending some years in Bexhill before returning to take an active part in the life of St Leonards.  William was a dentist and a Town Councillor. Menzies "Lady"Mary Anne nee Bonar - murdered with her daughter, by her son-in-law

Meech, Mark, Mary & Willie; - lived locally - Meech, William Samuel - KIA WW, 1916 /

Miller, Charles Williams, greengrocer

Mills,Lillian, Marguerite and John Vivian Gottleib - married twice, he was by vocation a colonial administrator and judge, died in Switzerland. Author

Moller, Johannes Heinrich Ludwig - Artist & painter - Exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1847-1873. Lived locally for some years.

Monger, George V.C.  Army, India

Montague, Susanna & Archie - born Melbourne, WW1, KIA 1916

Moon, Lewis Samuel, Mary Adelaide & Richard - local; Richard KIA 1917

Moor, Thomas Alexander   - lived locally for many years, buried in a grave of four

Moore, Frank Frankfort - a poet, dramatist, biographer, novelist, lived in St Leonards. [Author]

Moore, Dr. George & Jane – Lived in Hastings at various times, and retired here.  Wrote poems and medical works. [Author]

Morphett,  Ann & Fanny  - Wife and elder daughter of George Morphett, who was appointed secretary for the Secondary Towns Association – South Australia.  The family travelled between South Australia and England over a period of years.

Mortimer, Cassandra & daughters - from Ireland, daughters living here in 1891

Muggridge, John Edward (Ned) - brother of Harry, below - The Story of “RX Boy Billie 61” and those lost with her
Muggridge, Harry Daniel - brother of Ned, above - skipper of The Pioneer, fishing boat, drowned

Naik, Krishnaswami  - of Manjarabad.  A descendent of the chiefs of Balam in Mysore
Narbeth, John Harper  British naval architect designed the 1906 HMS Dreadnought and HMS Flat Iron - a seaplane recovery vessel

Neave, Alice Headley, nee Huckle - Local artist

Newton, Rev. F E, of St Matthew’s Church, St Leonards, Ellen and their son Frances G, an architect & archaeologist.  Ellen was an artist, a church worker and founded the Poor Children’s Convalescent Home

Nicolson, Caroline, and two of her grown children, Malcolm and Mary, both born in India.  Malcolm served, and is buried, in India with his wife, Adela Florence, known as Violet.

Niven Family  Army, Medicine, India, Scottish
Noakes, Sarah & Thomas - he was a postman; they died within to days of each other and were buried together on the same day.  The grave is a little overgrown.

Noakes, Thomas, Matilda & Vivian - Vivian was killed in action, WW1 1916.  His Father was from Hastings, and his parents returned there.

Nquza, Jabez - South African Native Labour Corps; washed ashore after shipwreck.  WW1

Nye, Peter, Mercy & George - A family from Bohemia;

O'Clery, Countess Katharine - married and lived in Hastings

Page, Charles - The Story of “RX Boy Billie 61” and those lost with her

Parsons, Albert & Amelia, and their daughter Ethel - local, younger brother of F. J. Parsons

Parsons, F. J, Sara & Family -  “the proprietor of one of the most important enterprises in the town “The Observer” … the architect of his own fortune”

Patmore, Marianne  2nd wife of Coventry Patmore

Pelham, James (Great church and municipal worker) & Maria (A Loss to the Poor of St Leonards)

Penley, William Sidney - actor and theatre manager; performed locally

Percival, William Spencer - H.B.M. Civil Service / Shanghai China; author and adventurer.  His wife Mary is buried with him

Philcox, Ernest & wife, Maria Mary - part owner of the New Albertine

Philcox, William John - lived locally, WW1 KIA

Phillips, Charles - fisherman, lost with the Henrietta
Phillips, Charles Henry Leigh died aged 8, his father was Charles, but which of the 45 - 50 Charles Phillips in Hastings at the time?

Phillips, Frederick Charles - fisherman, drowned

Phillips, Henry & Albert (and their wives) - members of a local notable cricketing family

Phillips, Stephen - a poet who enjoyed a decade of fame, said to have died with the word 'Hastings' on his lips.

Piasecki, Sergiusz - a Polish writer, convicted armed robber and smuggler, a brave resistance fighter, a member of Intelligence forces, an executioner……..

Pickrell, Leslie John - remembered on aunt's grave.  Died WW1 1918

Pickrell, William & Family - local family, records show some anomalies

Pogson, Colonel John, wife Alice, Harold (son) and Emily Maria Gorham, (daughter) - Colonel Pogson was in H M Regiment NI Bombay [India]

Polis, Jospeh - Belgian, died of wounds received on the Belgian Front, WW1 1916

Pollard, James  - local family; died 1925 of tubercular encephalitis, presumably contracted during war service

Porter, Muriel Matters - born in South Australia, a suffragist who was the first woman to "speak" in the British Parliament (cremated)

Pratt, Peter James - Lance corporal, KIA WW1 - Family grave

Prelooker, Jaakoff  - Russian émigré, founder of ‘New Israel’, prolific writer, lecturer and emancipist - & his daughter, Miriam

Pritchard, Dr. William Clowes - born in Australia, lived in Hastings for many years, ward named after him at the Buchanan Hospital.

Proudfoot, Robert - A Canadian by birth, he served throughout the greater part the Great War With the Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force, and, following wounds, was later transferred to the Canadian Military Police in England, and during that time he was married in Hastings and had recently returned here.

Putland, Stephen, (Senior) his wife Mary, and various family members. - He was Borough Surveyor, and in 1873 he became a Justice of the Peace and Chief Magistrate. In 1864 he was Mayor of Hastings


Q - S

Ranger, James William - buried with his aunt in a grave of four

Ransford, Annie Cash - for 14 years Matron of  the Buchanan Hospital, died in a road accident.

Ransom, Charlotte - Servant

Ransom, William -  founder and first editor of the Hastings and St Leonards News; lifelong friend of Barbara Bodichon.
Rasmussen, Andrew, Henrietta & John - We know Andrew and Henrietta are both buried in Hastings, we know Andrew’s employment, but have been able to find out very little more! (Thus far)

Redman, Adelia, Robert and son Herbert - Robert licensee of The Globe and The Highlands hotel.

Rensch, Arthur Charles -  lived locally; killed in the Balkans Campaign 1917 WW1

Riddle, Edward -  local; WW1 casualty

Riley, Harry Leslie - local, died WW1

Riley, Robert James - local; accidentally killed in Salonica on 8th June 1916 whilst going to help a colleague; WW1

Robertson Family tomb - Patrick Francis Robertson Father of the America Ground; Member of Parliament for Hastings 1852-1859 and 1865-1868

Robinson, Jesse - obelisk erected to the memory of an esteemed comrade by the officers and members of his company

Robison, Agnes Rose - Widow of the late William Cowper Robison, Formerly widow of the late James Wren Carlile Napier, New Zealand

Rock, James  and son James - local Carriage Builders to the world, son also an inventor

Roddis, George - Plummer Roddis was the most successful retail enterprise in the history of the town

Rodwell, Rev. John Medows - a scholar and a linguist; lived in St Leonards for many years. Translated the Koran

Ross, Percy T - Sergeant -  author, artist, sportsman.  KIA, WW1

Ross, Thomas & Family - Politician, Councillor, Chairman of Guardians, Alderman, Archaeologist, Mayor, Justice of the Peace

Salter, Thomas, Elizabeth and their son, Archibald Salter - Archibald was reported missing at Ypres in 1918.  WW1

Samways, Alexander, local; died WW1 1916

Sandford, Caroline Julia Wills - died aged 81, a stalwart of St Paul’s ChurchSavery, Ann Marie - longtime Hastings resident

Sargent, Harriet & Spencer - Harriet “an affectionate mother and a good wife” and Spencer “an aged and respected farmer”

Savery, Dr. John - practised in Hastings for 50 years

Savery, John Charles - "one of the most distinguished members of the medical profession that the town has ever produced"

Saville, Alfred Thomas 1839- 1915   Missionary

Schmalz, Gustave & Margaret - retired German consul and merchant, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Parents of artist John Wilson [Carmichael] Schmalz

Sewell, Edward Leppingwell, Emily Caroline & son Edward John Leppingwell - died of wounds, WW1, 1918 Page: Sewell Family

Seymour, Ernest - (KIA WW1) and Emma Agnes

Shakespear, John Dowdeswell    Army, India, South Africa

Shaw, Fanny Mary, Douglas Frank and Second Lieutenant Cuthbert Frank Shaw; born locally; WW1, KIA

Shaw, Frank Herbert -  advisory medical officer to the Buchanan Hospital and generally thought of as the ‘father of the hospital’.

Shipton, Anna - In the years between 1855 and 1890 Anna Shipton published over twenty books on religious subjects.  She lived for some years in St. Leonards. [Author]

Shrimpton, Alexander & son Lennox - a draper who lived in Nottingham but visited Hastings frequently, where he had two sisters. Lennox, WW1, KIA is buried in Belgium

Simpkinson, Francis Guillemard see de Wesselow

Skinner, Arthur Banks - local family, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum from 1905 - 8

Slade, Robert - family grave, Roberrt, his wife Lydia, son Robert, and daughter Emma and her husband, Rev. Arthur Seys Howell

Slade, William & Mary Ann - lived many years in Hastings. William was a faithful friend & earnest supporter of the British & Foreign Bible Society, and of Sunday School work in connection with the Congregational Churches at Leeds & Hastings.  Mary Ann formed the Bourne Mission for Fishermen and was a schoolteacher.

Slade, William - son of above; Local music dealer. Came to Hastings 1862, and his daughter, Alice Muriel, who died aged 12, 21/09/1896.

Slow Family - local family; two sons died in WW1, (one mystery, or possibly two)

Smith , Edwin & family - lived in Clive Vale House and credited with developing the area. Also lived at Ashburnham House and East Cliff House

Smith, James Henry & Alice Elizabeth - searching for and restoring a grave, Landlord of the Highland Hotel, and the Jenny Lind.

Smith, John  (Yorky)  Builder

Smith, W. G.  Lance Corporal 14th Winnipeg Rifles died in France 12th August 1918 aged 37

Smith, William Hiram & Minnie Eliza - lived locally; died of wounds - WW1

Smithers, Trooper Charles Frederick - varied military career, lived locally

Stamp, Ernest Blatspiel & Douglas B (KIA WW1, 1916) : Constance Isabella Jones, neé Stamp

Staveley, Charlotte and brother Alfred - born in Mauritius, from a renowned military family

Stevens, Eliza, and son George - KIA WW1, 1915 - local

Stoddart, Clara Elizabeth - her husband was in the Madras Staff Corps. (India) Unusual grave stone

Stoddart, James - son and grandson of watchmakers; he and his third wife, Ann Maria, retired to Hastings

Stone , Julia Mary - it was believed that this was the site of Ada Brownrigg (Julia’s mother) but a new reading of the tomb revealed it was Julia, aged 16, offspring of Ada’s first marriage, buried here.

Stone , William John Brampton & parents - Local; WW1 Died in Military Hospital; William Senior  - “his lifework was with the Friendly Societies”

Stonestreet Sisters - daughters of Rev. George Stonestreet, and tireless philanthropic workers

Strachan, Amelia - shortly after marriage she and her husband went to Australia, where he died.  She returned home and later moved to Hastings.Strickland Family; son Herbert Slade WW1; parents, Francis and Jane (see below)

Strickland, Georgiana & Jane, (daughters of George, who built Harpsichord House and started a Hastings dynasty) and their nephew Louis Waghorn

Strickland, Jane - daughter of Mary Ann Slade, below, and like her an active supporter of women’s emancipation and much more.

Stroud, George Edward Bracey - local; serving with the Royal Navy on HMS Albemarle when he was accidentally drowned 1915. WW1

Strutt, George, Sophia (local) & Frederick Victor - emigrated to Canada, MIA, presumed killed, 1918

Summers, Cyril Henry Gerald  - commemorated on the grave of his grandfather Henry Summers. KIA WW1

Suter, Edward Dyer

Sutton, John, - local; WW1 KIA - remembered on his parents' grave - John and Phoebe; also Louis Victor, WW1 casualty, died from wounds, 1918 aged 19

Swaine, Sophie



Tassell, Edward Victor, - local; WW1

Taylor, Henry John  - died as as result of injuries gained assisting a Hastings boat in distress

Teed, Major Edmund - SOLDIERS' AND FREE MASONS' TRIBUTES - Not for years has Hastings witnessed a military funeral of such imposing character …….. WW1, 1914, on Screen Wall

Thiele, Herman, Basil & Louisa - local girl (see Dixon, ) Herman served (and died) in India.  Surgeon; Doctor

Thiselton-Dyer Family  Army, India

Thomas, Edwin - engineer of steam launch, drowned

Thomas, George Danford & wife Sarah - HM Coroner for the county of London and Middlesex

Thorburn , Thomas James - non-fiction author and acting Headmaster of Hastings Grammar School

Thorburn, Charles Edward Angus  - WW1 casualty

Thorburn, Walter & Jane - Minister to the Free Church of Scotland in Bermuda

Thorpe, George Archibald - Mayor of Hastings 1874-5, 1883, 1886

Tilt, Edward John   Medicine

Thrupp, Leonard William & Annie Elizabeth, daughters Ada & Clara - daughters born in Adelaide, South Australia before the family retired to St Leonards.

Todd, Albert Charles - lied about his age in WW1 enlistment; died aged 18 in battle. 1916

Todman Brothers - Archibald,(WW1 KIA) Francis and Ernest - both died as a result of WW1 service

Tolhurst, Tilden Publican. Thief

Tompkins, Edgar James - Quartermaster Sergeant, regular soldier, served in South Africa and India.  Wife’s grave  - Edith Mary  - KIA, WW1

Toogood, Mary Jane,  Charles Frank &  Frederick N. - lived locally; Charles KIA WW1, 1915

Tottenham, Rev. J W  & Family - headmaster of St Leonards School for thirty years; donated his museum to Brassey Institute. (Ann's memorial speaks for her.)

Travers, Otho Robert & son Otho Boyd - father surgeon in St Leonards

Tree , Alderman Ben Harry Went JP - local; served as Mayor for four terms. Left money in trust for the benefit of the people of Hastings

Trimming Family - two generations, with connections to Ebenezer Chapel, in two graves. Son John built in Clive Vale and later emigrated to Canada with some of his family

Trollope, Dr. Thomas - in practice locally, and a benefactor of assorted charities

Truscott, Jessie Guthrie & son - Truscott, Francis George - won Military Cross.  Shot down and died from wounds, 1917. WW1, aged 22.

Tubbs , Colonel Robert Tubbs Nightingale & Fanny Cecilia generous and benevolent owner of Caple-ne-Ferne; wife active in women’s suffrage

Tuppenney, Frederick  - three times Mayor of Hastings

Turner, Artie - KIA, WW1 - family grave (Edwin and Florence)

Turner, Thomas - landlord of the Havelock Hotel

Twells, Alice - Worker, Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps; died in an accident[?] aged 18 years. Military funeral

Tyhurst, Edward & Mary Ann - local hatter, draper and tailor

Tyrrell, Frank Cecil - local family; on the grave of his parents, Frederick & Annie - WW1 KIA


U - Z

Vanzetti, Emma - Mother & daughter, family of an officer in the Bengal Infantry

Veness, John - James and Elizabeth, local fisherman, drowned
Ventris, Francis, Helen Maud, Alan, Edward (E.F.V.), C. Peyton, Mona Goss, Madeline Bount, Patrick Clavell Blount - a Services family - Francis lived in St Leonards after his retirement from the Army.  Alan was killed in Action, WW1, 1915, aged 18

Vidler, Charles, Mary Ann & Wallace - Charles was a painter and decorator and undertaker.  He and his wife died within a few days of each other.  Their only son, Wallace, drowned in China a few years later.
Vincett Family - Local butchers

Von Schlippenbach Mortimer Achill Graf - family lived locally

Vores, Rev. Thomas & Elisabeth Plomley - for 33 years incumbent at St Mary-in-the-Castle

Voysey, George & Martha, & Elizabeth Shuckford - lived here since 1837, architect, lawyer, property owner

Wallis, William - died in 1920 as result of being gassed in WW1

Walsh, Alexander Sarsfield - son of Maurice Walsh

Walsh, Maurice Sarsfield  Editor, Hastings Observer
Ward, Henry - an architect widely known and respected throughout Hastings and in professional circles throughout the country

Ward, William & Toriana - service in the Indian Army, cousins, descended from Nelson’s family

Watts Family - second wife and two daughters of artist Frederick Watts.  Daughter Alice also a painter.

Wearing, Capt. James Williamson.JP. barrister-at-law, and his wife, Ethel Maud, Marchioness della Taflia (Maltese title)  Lived in St Leonards
Weeks, Percy - KIA, WW1, on memorial with his wife, Maud

Welch Family - Lived mostly in London. Moved here sometime after 1911.

Wells, Arthur - architect, St Helen's Secondary School / White Rock Baths / Palace Hotel, etc: improvements to Gaiety Theatre / Normanhurst; / director of Gaiety Theatre

Wells, Eudo, Sir Mordaunt and his wives - Eudo was in the navy and died in south east Asia, Sir Mordaunt was a somewhat controversial judge in Calcutta

Wesselow - see de Wesselow,Francis Guillemard Simpkinson

Whistler Family - Annie, “Whistler’s Mother”, William - doctor, Helen (nee Ionides)
White, Alfred, Alfreda and Lydia - lived locally; died during WW1 while captaining on board S S Strombus

White, John Ebenezer & Family - local dairyman, Devonshire Dairy of Queens Road and later Quarry

Wiggins, Captain Francis Chantrey  - 70th Reg. D.M. Bengal Army, who died in a street in Southampton, aged 38

Williams, Daniel - contractor for the Toowoomba and Warwick Railway, (and others) “a very old Australian colonist”

Williams - Miller Families LOCAL WEDDING. The stories behind this wedding; the couple went to Australia, where the husband died. the wife, and their two children, returned to St Leonards., Amelia - shortly after marriage she and her husband went to Australia, where he died.  She returned home and lped run her family’s greengrocery in St Leonards.

Miller, Charles Williams, greengrocer

Williams, Harold Elphee & wife Blanche Daisy

Williams, James Frederick - One of the crew Of the Hastings fishing  boat, Pioneer, drowned
Willis, Edgar Reginald - KIA, WW1 - family grave - Reginald John, Thomas Walter (Stonemason), Emily Georgina Willis
Wills, William - solicitor, author of Law text book. Fulsome obituary

Wilson, Eliza & Charles - Charles late of Sydney NSW, little else known, recorded because of state of memorial.

Wilson, William -  “He was a faithful  servant & trusted friend” T. Muir Dalziel, whose wife Agnes is also commemorated.
Winebloom Family - lost a son in WW1, 1917 aged 21.  His parents, James & Mary Anne moved to Hastings sometime after the war, as the CWGC entry gives their address as originally of 21 Beechwood Terrace, Leeds, then of 32 Gordon Terrace, Scarborough.  Edward is remembered on their local grave

Wolfen, William and Mary, and his second wife Amy - William was born in Prussia, spent sometime in Australia, where he was the honorary Consul for Sweden for which he was awarded the Chevalier de L'Ordre Royal De Wasa.  “The many friends who knew Mary in Sydney and later London and St. Leonards, and all the poor who came in her way, found her most kind-hearted, and unselfish woman, and she was a devoted wife.” Amy was for nine years matron of the Poor Children's Convalescent Home, West Hill, St Leonards.

Wood Brothers, Athur, Cecil (Reported Missing, & later confirmed KIA, WW1 1917, aged 19) and Frank
Woodhams, Margaret Ann  - local; faithful servant
Woodruffe, Charles Sheldon Pearce - Captain, Royal Navy, Hastings Coastguard
Yeates, Victor Maslin - author of 'Winged Victory', died in Fairlight Sanatorium of an illness due to World War One, (WW1).

Zamoyska, Maria - died aged one, prominent Polish family, memorial disappeared


"the grave's a fine and private place..."

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