Friends of Hastings Cemetery

F. J. Parsons & Family

AQ K25 L24/5

This a large family plot with many members of the family commemorated, The first Burial was of Mary Crew, Sarah Parsons mother, she was the widow of John Crew of London.


Loving Memory


Frederick James Parsons

Died 21st January 1900

Aged 55 Years.

Sarah Parsons, wife of above,

Died 12th April 1913

Aged 67 Years.

Frederick Parsons, son of the above,

Died 20th August 1870, aged eighteen months.

Edith Sarah, sixth daughter of above,

Died 20th October 1891, aged 6 years.

Gordon Crew, sixth son of above,

Died 9th November 1891, aged 3 years

Joseph Parsons, eldest son of the above,

Died 22nd February 1937, aged 52 years


This stone lying on the Parsons plot is face down, so could not be transcribed.