Loving Memory of our dear daughter

Nellie Ball,

Who suddenly fell asleep

14th January 1898 aged 17

“In the midst of life we are in death”

Also in Loving memory of

my Dear Husband

Richard Ball

Father of the above,

for many years Captain of ‘New Albertine’
Who passed away 15th July 1929

Aged 76 Years

“At rest”

Also of Eliza Ball

Passed Away 14th July1933

Aged 77 Years


ED D11

Nellie was Eleanor Florence.

1891 - The largest pleasure yacht ever to work off Hastings beach was built at the Kent’s shipyard in Rock-a-Nore. The New Albertine, about 45 or 46 feet on the keel and 55 feet overall, took up to 130 passengers to sea each time from the beach in front of the Queens Hotel. She stopped in 1924.

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