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Hope Daumas Families

FD B7 , a private grave  for Henriette Clementine Hope buried 24 August 1898 , memorial shown as “granite wheel O centre of graves and kerbs”
Her entry shows “wife of Samuel Thomas , female aged 53”

FD A7 - Louis Clement Daumas interred 30th December 1920, “Doctor of medicine, Batchelor of Arts” , died in Paris, France
Rebecca Hope, interred 2nd February 1938, “spinster, aged 69, died in Seaford, Sussex (Registrars certificate Rebecca Eugenie Clemence)

Round to top of the millstone:

In loving memory of H Clemence Hope nee Daumas
Born at Mukoatling O F S  South Africa April 6 th 1844
Passed away August the 23 rd 1898

Deeply Mourned by all who knew her

On left side:
Divinity that
Shapes our ends
Rough hew them
How we will
Hamlet, 5.2

Under millstone:

Full of noble devices of all sorts
Enchantingly Beloved

On right side:
Nous sommes

Nés pour chercher
Le bonheur
et pour être
 à celui d'autrui ;

["We Are Born To search Happiness To Be Useful to that of others"]

In 1837, the French missionary Francois Daumas founded a mission station at Mekoatleng under the auspices of the Paris Evangelical Mission Society (PEMS).  In May 1837, with other missionaries, and one of three unmarried females, Miss Elise Colane, affianced to M. Daumas.

Revd. Daumas and David Dale Buchanan, founder of the Natal Witness, accompanied Chief Moshweshwe’s son, Tsekelo, to London and Paris, 1869 – 1870, in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the ratification of the peace Treaty of Aliwal North.  By this, a large part of Basutoland, which included Daumas’  mission station, was ceded to the OFS.

The death, during his absence of his daughter Mathilde (after 14 months of marriage to H.C. Campbell above), and the failure of the European mission, appear to have contributed to his premature death.”

“Rev. Daumas died in Natal on the 22nd of January 1871.  The ruin of Mekuatleng and the failure of the object for which he had gone to Europe had broken his heart. The death of his daughter was the last blow.

In 1900 Mme Daumas and her son were resident at La Clarière, Old Town Hill

Road (today, Roberts Road). In later years the property was known as Villa Daumas.

We don’t know which son, probably Francois, who was a doctor.  .

The children we have identified are:

François Alain


Henriette Clementine

Louis Clement

Henriette was born Daumas. in Basutoland and was a British subject.


Louis was Henriette’s brother, and Rebecca her sister in law

In 1892 Louis applied for a patent : Be it known that I, Louis Clemente Daumas, a citizen of the French Republic, and a resident of Paris, France, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Processes of and Apparatus for Treating Ores of Gold, of which the following is a specification…..


Liverpool Mercury Merseyside, 13 Aug 1897


.....his son Samuel Thomas Hope and his wife and children; 20,000, upon trust, for his son Wlliam Hope; £30,000, upon trust, for his son Bateman Hope; 15,1000 each, upon trust, for his daughters ,Harriet Selina Hope, Mary Hope, Rebecca. Hope, Carole Bushell,


Chldren: of Samuel Thomas HOPE &
Henriette Clementine Hope née DAUMAS

Reginald Arthur 1867

Rebecca Clemena 1868

Ethel Marie

Margaret Francois 1870

Miriam Adeline  1871

Gertrude  1874

Emily Colane  1875

Cecialia Daumas 1879