Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Charles Beasley & Family





Florence Emily,

Wife of

Charles Beasley

Who died

at Abbey Wood


25th November 1896

Aged 48

Even so,

Lord, For

So it seemed

Good in Thy


Luke, X.w21.

Not gone

From Memory

Nor from Love

But to our

Father's home above.


In Loving Memory


Charles Beasley

Who Died

At Abbey Woods

6th May 1823

Aged 80


In Memory of

Their son,

Harry Geoffrey

Beloved Husband of

Irene Beasley

Who died

24th February 1939

Aged 57

Until the day break




Born May 18th 1878

Died July 23rd 1947


Loving Memory of

Irene M Beasley

Wife of

Harry Beasley

1882 - 1974

Charles Beasley Ltd, North Kent Brewery, Lakedale Road, Plumstead London SE18

Florence Emily Ludlam and Charles Beasley were married on 08th August 1878 at Notting-Hill, Middlesex

Park Brewery established 1845 and run by L Davis.  By 1878 known as North Kent Brewery and run by Mitchell and Beasley.  In 1887 taken over by Charles Beasley Ltd.  Incorporated 1943 as Charles Beasley Ltd., presumably by his elder son, Charles Gerald.  When taken over by Courage in 1963 it was the last independent brewery in London.

Charles and Florence had a younger son, Harry Geoffrey Beasley in 1881 in  East Plumstead (then in Kent.)

Much more information on the Internet on the brewery

The initial puzzle was why this wealthy family from Kent were
buried in Hastings.   We now know that Florence’s Mother and
sisters were resident here. (See Ludlam.)

Charles junior took seems to have taken over the running of the
Several sources (but likely all emanating from one) say
Harry Beasley was privately wealthy after inheriting the
North Kent Brewery, but as he died before his brother Charles, it
seems more likely he inherited a share in the Brewery.

The London Gazette, 15 april, 1932.  H.M. Land Registry.  State
guaranteed titles to land The Beehive Stables, Footscray Road,
Woolwich, London, registered by Charles Gerald Beasley and
Harry Geoffrey Beasley, North Kent Brewery, Plumstead, S.E.18.

Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser - Friday 05 November 1943

MISUSE OF PETROL Sevenoaks Cab Owner Fined at Bromley  At Bromley Court on Tuesday Charles Gerald Beasley, of Hill Court, Four Elms, Edenbridge, was summoned as the hirer of a motor cab for causing petrol to be used in that cab outside the permitted area..........

The vehicle belonged to the Sevenoaks Hire Service and the driver was not entitled to use it except in the Sevenoaks Urban District Council area or within radius five miles outside........…

Witness said he was aware that the passenger, Mr. Beasley, was an invalid,… Mr. Vallins produced a medical certificate signed by Dr. Ronald Walker, of Sevenoaks, and quoting the opinion of Harley-street and Wimpole street practitioners regarding Mr. Beasley’s health……It was true that Mr. Beasley had his own car, but had no driver. ...... Mr. Beasley had hired the cab for his essential business as a brewer.  Mr. Villers said that Mr. Beasley was a sick man. His journeys to the brewery at Plumstead were only made when his presence was absolutely essential. .......

Mr. Waddy said that Mr, Beasley was chairman of a brewing company which until recently was a partnership, but was now a limited company of which there were two directors.  The other director was not always available on account of other business....…

Dr. Ronald Walker, Sevenoaks, said it was essential that Mr. Beasley on account of his health, should lead a sheltered life….  The Chairman; We are satisfied that Mr. Beasley is a sick man. Charles Gerald Beasley, senior, said that he only went to the brewery when his presence was absolutely essential.  He mentioned that his employees were reserved under the Essential Works Order. The Chairman: We are not satisfied that an essential service was being performed on this occasion. ..... Mr. Beasley and the driver each made a mistake.  The summonses against them would be dismissed with payment of the costs. 4s. in each case...........

Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser - Friday 21 November 1947

Mr. Charles Gerald Beasley, of Hill Court, Four Elms, Edenbridge. who died oh July 23, left £478,744 13s. gross, with net personalty. £457,127 12s. lOd. (Duty paid. £275,619). His bequests included £l,OOO to Woolwich Memorial Hospital; £l,OOO to the Licensed Victuallers’ Schools; £5OO to Plumstead Almshouses; £250 to Four Elms Parish Church; and legacies to employees of the North Kent Brewery, Plumstead (of which he was managing director)

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