Caroline Julia Wills Sandford

AH A13

Caroline Julia Wills Sandford

Aged 81

Died November 1915

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 25 December 1915

 St. Paul's has lost a well-known supporter with the death of Miss Wills Sandford, whose name was also frequently seen in connection with other philanthropic work.  Wills Sandford had completed her 81st year. A sympathetic reference appears in this  month's magazine at St. Paul's.

891 Census  - 2 St Pauls Place

SANDFORD   Caroline Wills   Head   S   F   57   Living On Her Own Means(Em'er)    Overseas - British - Paris Brtsh Sbjct      

MACLEAN   Sara Wills          Visitr   S   F   68   Living On Her Own Means    Co. Armagh - British Helena

GREENOP   Elizabeth           Servnt   S   F   55   Ldysmd Domestic Servant(Em'ee)    Lydd      

GALLOP   Agnes Elizabeth    Servnt   S   F   27   Cook Domestic Servant(Em'ee)    Buckinghamshire - Wexham      

ROSE   Emily                      Servnt   S   F   26   Hsemd Domestic Servant(Em'ee)    Broadclyst