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Mortimer Achill Graf von Schlippenbach

AJ K22

Mortimer Achill,

Graf von Schlippenbach

Hauptmann der Prussischen Armee.

Gen. 7th Aug 1843

Gest.7th Mar 1881

In Folge vieler Ehrenwunden aus dem ruhmvollen Kampfer gegen Frankreich 1870-71

[He died as a result of the many honourable wounds received in the Glorious Battle Against France]

Schlippenbach is the name of an old Westphalian noble family that later spread to Prussia ,Sweden , Pomerania and the Baltic states. The family, whose activities consist in part to this day, originally belonged to the nobility of the Duchy of Berg and the County of Mark 

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 12 May 1888

Death of Count Von Schlippenbach - We regret to record the intelligence of the death of Otto Herrman Louis Carl, Count Schlippenback, Chamberlain to the Emperor of Germany, which took place on the 4th inst.  The deceased Count (with his daughter, the Countess Violet Von Schlippenbach) took a most active part in the fashionable and social life of these towns.  His demise will be lamented by a very large number of persons in Hastings and St Leonards. The Count was 81 years of age at the time of his death.

Otto was the father of Mortimer, born 1843.  Mortimer was the second child of Otto’s first marriage to Clotilde Von Arnim.  (Elder brother, Otto Paris Von Schlippenbach born 1842. ).

His half sister Violet Pauline Graefin Von Schlippenbach, was born of the second marriage to Adelaide Arabella Grenier De Fonblanque in 1851.(as was Otto Carl Graf Von Schlippenbach 1853)  In 1902 she married Capt. (Ret.) Henry Stephen Swiney.

Otto’s third marriage was to Clara Hill in 1861.  She died in 1874 and is buried at Fairlight Church.  The Count is last listed in 1889 at Salingen; the following year the occupant is Countess Violet Schlippenbach.

Mortimer is recorded as a member of The Silver Lithuanians Corps at Leipzig University Mortimer v Schlippenbach in the Summer term of 1865.

Mortimer Albert Otto (son of Otto), born 1843-08-07 in Berlin. Captain. Death 1881-03-07 in St Leonards on Sea, England.  Married 1878-09-05 in Nordhausen with Laura Ritter , born 1861-03-14, daughter of landowner Carl Ritter. Landowner.


Otto Gustav Siegfried Hubertus Carl Mortimer , born 1879-07-26 in Calais. Lieutenant in the 1st Magdeburg British infantry

The only mention of them in Hastings is:
Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 16 November 1878:

St Leonards Assembly Rooms, amongst the brilliant company were Count Schlippenbach, Countess Violet Schlippenbach, Count and Countess Mortimer Schlieppenbach ........