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Patrick Francis Robertson

AC K24 - Robertson Family tomb

Patrick Francis Robertson

Member of Parliament for Hastings 1852-1859 and 1865-1868.

The son of Revd Daniel Robertson (Professor of Oriental Languages at St Marys College, St Andrews University, 1809-1817) Patrickwas born at Meigle, Perthshire.  His mother died when he was four and he and his two younger siblings were primarily raised by a maternal aunt, who is buried here - Small, Ann Lindsey - aged 85, died in December 1862.

Patrick was educated at St Andrews University. After graduating, Robertson joined other

members of his extended family in the East India and China trade, becoming a wealthy man.

In London his address was 7 Pall Mall, in Hastings he lived at Halton House.  [The house stood where Hardwicke Road is today.]

He was Sub-Governor of the London Assurance Corporation and had various banking interests.  He never married.

Robertson Street - “The Regent Street of Hastings”

A wealthy London Merchant, Patrick Francis Robertson, leased the ground from the Crown for a period of ninety nine years at an annual rent of £500. Mr. Robertson who later twice became a member of Parliament for Hastings had great visions for the development of the town as a seaside resort, as, in addition to the America Ground, he visualized erecting buildings all along the sea-front to the west as far as Warrior Square, and attempted to form a partnership with Charles Eversfield and Decimus Burton - unfortunately to no avail.

Robertson Street - Work Begins

January 1850 saw Patrick Robertson embark alone on the development of the first part of the America Ground, which, as Crown Property, was governed to a large extent by the need for official approval, and being a shrewd business man, he ensured he had official approval by employing the Crown architects - Messrs. Reeks & Humbert of 7 Whitehall Yard, London, to draw up the plans. Reeks and Humbert later opened an office at 15 Pelham Crescent, and their name appears exclusively on all building and planning applications, maps, etc. for Robertson Street up to December 1856.

The next few years (1856-1864) saw many applications mostly bearing the name of H.Carpenter, Architect, 36 Robertson Street, after which several local and national Architects became involved with various alterations and additions to premises in the street.

AC K24 - Large rectangular tall tomb with pyramid top


East side

broken off pieces on ground

James Roderick Robertson of Oakhill Park Hampshire youngest son of the late Revd D Robertson DD of the University of St Andrews NB. 'He walked with God and was not for God took him.' (See p.3)

Patrick Francis Robertson

Late of Halton House Hastings Elder son of the late Revd Daniel Robertson etc.

1807 died 20th Jan

A stronghold




South side

Mary Elizabeth wife of James Roderick Robertson daughter of Major Archibald Campbell of Bracleen Argyllshire Died at Meran Austria 10/2/1900 aged 84 years “Whosoever believeth in me shall never die.”

Ann Lindsay Small the third daughter of the Revd Alexander Small DD of Kilconcuhar Fifeshire. Died at Halton House on the 3/12/1862 in her 86th years … Christ.



West side

Mary Wortley Robertson daughter of the Revd  Daniel R Professor in the University of St Andrews. Born 30/10/1808 Died at Halton House on the 9/4/1883. ”Father to live was Christ and to die was gain”.


North side

Cecilia Isabella Small fourth daughter of the late Robert Small Esqre of Beaulieu died 29/9/1876 aged 61 ”Jesus died and rose again them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him”.