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David ErskineDewar

died aged 80

31st December 1906

David Erskine Dewar was born on the 3rd October 1826.  His parents were Clementina (nee Wemyss) and James Dewar, late  the Hon. Sir ...., Chief Justice of Bombay.  At some stage after David’s birth, the family  moved to Bombay where James became a barrister with the Supreme Court, quickly moving up the ranks to the role of Chief Justice and being knighted along the way.  Whilst it is not clear if they took their infant son with them to India, Clementina must have accompanied James as they had two further sons recorded as being born in Bombay.  James William was born in 1827, and William Wemyss Methven was born in 1829. James Dewar died in 1830, aged 33.  On her husband's death, Clementina returned to England but died in 1834.  After Clementina’s death, her three sons were educated in England and remained there. With the three sons being orphaned at an early age, the care of them must have passed to other members of the wider family. James’s sister Jessie married Rev. Robert Marsham in 1828 and moved to Oxfordshire so she may have taken the three boys or at least overseen their education as all three seem to have a strong Oxfordshire connection.

David was educated at Winchester College, Winchester, Hampshire.  He graduated from New College, Oxford University, Oxford, with a Bachelor of Civil Arts (B.C.L.). He was a Fellow between 1847 and 1853 at New College, Oxford University,. In 1849 he was ordained Deacon.  He was ordained Priest in 1850 and was the Curate between 1852 and 1861 at Middleton Stoney, Bicester, Oxfordshire.

He was Master of Arts (M.A.) in 1856 at New College, Oxford University, Oxford,  Then he was the Rector between 1861 and 1866 at Fresthorpe, Lincolnshire.  In 1878 he converted to Roman Catholicism.  He was a Roman Catholic priest in 1889.and was Assistant between 1889 and 1893 at St. Mary's Church, Chelsea, London, . He was Priest in charge of the Mission between 1893 and 1906 at Staines, London, England.

David had married Elizabeth Anne Fane Parry on the 15th July 1852.

“On the 15th, at Cottisford, Oxon, the Rev. David Erskine Dewar, Rector of Edgcott, Fellow of New College, Oxford, son of the late Sir James Dewar, Chief Justice of Bombay, to Elizabeth Ann Fane, eldest daughter of John Billingsley Parry, Esq., .Q.C.” The Spectator

They had three children,.  David Erskine Dewar,  born  25th September 1853, Annie Clementina Dewar, born 31st October 1855, and Charlotte Laura Dewar born: on the 5th June 1864.

Elizabeth died on the 19th April 1881.

Annie Clementina married Dr. Matthew Everard Puakahakoililanimanuia Makalua and her Father lent his assistance to the marriage when Dr. Makalua faced opposition from the Hawaiian authorities.  Reverend David E. Dewar, wrote to the Hawaiian Minister of Foreign Affairs to prevail upon him to telegraph permission for the marriage, stating that his daughter's health was failing due to the postponement.  When permission for Makalua to marry finally arrived in London on September 2, 1888, Makalua and Miss Dewar had already wed.

His grandson James Makalua later took the surname Dewar.