AL K18


Affectionate Remembrance of

Alfred James Chapman

(Fish Buyer of Hastings)

Affliction sore long time I bore,

Physicians were in vain,

Till God did please that death should seize

And ease me of my pain.

Then, O my Lord, prepare.

My soul for Thy great day;

O wash me in Thy precious Blood,

And take my sins away.


in Loving Memory of

Jane Chapman

Who entered into rest on Monday April 24th 1883

Aged 59 years

Agreement to lease by Edward Sutton of Hastings, mariner

Piece of stonebeach (plan), in St Clement, south of the line of shops opposite George George's, for one year from 29 Sep 1836 at 2s per annum, endorsed transferred to Henry Edmonds and Alfred Chapman of Hastings, fishmongers by lease (220) on 22 Apr 1863 (467)

Agreement to lease by Alfred James Chapman of Hastings, fishermonger

Description: piece of stonebeach (plan), in St Clement, opposite the London Trader, formerly leased to Edward Sutton in Jan 1837 (63), for one year from 29 Sep 1868 at 5s per annum (358; G5)