AB F26 - de Wesselow, Francis Guillemard Simpkinson - (1819-1906)

 Also known as

de Wesselow, Francis Guillemard (1819-1906)

De Wesselow, Francis Guillemard Simpkinson (1819-1906)

Simpkinson, Francis (1819-1906)

Simpkinson, Francis Guillemard (1819-1906)

Simpkinson de Wesselow, Francis Guillemard (1819-1906)

Wesselow, Francis Guillemard Simpkinson De (1819-1906)

Francis Guillemard Simpkinson, a naval officer and artist, who was born on 26 May 1819 in London, son of John Augustus Francis Simpkinson (later Sir Francis Simpkinson QC), barrister and sometime treasurer of Lincoln's Inn, and Mary, née Griffin, a sister of Jane Franklin, second wife of Sir John Franklin, Governor of Van Diemen's Land.

At St Leonard's on 14 December 1858 he married Emily, daughter of George Henry Malcolm Wagner [who died in 1868 aged 82 and is buried in Hastings Cemetery at AA L02, as are her mother and Grandmother, both Ann.]

The de Wesselows were living at Westminster in November 1869 when Simpkinson legalised de Wesselow as his surname, by deed poll .  In his later years he lived for some time at Cannes where he acquired much property.  He died in London on 4 December 1906 and his estate was sworn at more than £70,000

In March 1832 he joined the navy as a first-class volunteer in H.M.S. Britannia, in which he served, apart from twenty-eight days in October 1833 in the Rainbow with his uncle, Sir John Franklin, until February 1835 when he was transferred to the Jupiter.