Exploring History in Hastings Cemetery

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All the burial grounds of the borough of Hastings, with the exception of the newly-inclosed part of All Saints churchyard and the cemetery of St Leonards , were ordered to be closed, under the Burial Act, on the 1st May, 1855, and the Burial Board of the borough made many attempts to obtain land for the formation of a general cemetery.

The parishes, however, being unable to agree as to the site, the Burial Board was dissolved, and the Town Council petitioned Her Majesty’s Privy Council for powers to constitute them a Burial Board for the whole borough.

In the meantime an extension of the period of closing was obtained by St Mary-in–the-Castle until the 1st October.  The Town Council have now received full powers, and steps are being taken (Aug.1855) to obtain about fifteen acres of land at a suitable distance from the town for the purpose of forming a General Cemetery.
From Hastings Past and Present, Diplock 1855 p. Lix in the appendix

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