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Thiselton-Dyer - (Dyer)

And if you search for it spelt Thisleton-Dyer, you come up with the same two people! Just not quite so many hits.

So the first thing seemed to be to try and establish if either of them was connected to our Thiselton-Dyers.

I was eventually (despite written ‘evidence’ to the contrary) able to establish that they were brothers.  (My first clue was that William’s Mother’s maiden name was Firminger)  Because these two men has such wide-ranging interests, any keywords from what we know about our Thiselton-Dyers from the gravestone, came up linked to William and/or Thomas Firminger.  William had one son and one daughter, Thomas F wasn’t married. (See Update)


An Ongoing Detective Story

Burial Plot AS A02

Dyer Thomas Dyer Thistleton - age 57 - Lieut Col M.N.I., died on board the SS Viceroy on Sept 17th 1873 at Colombo Ceylon

If you do a quick search for Thiselton-Dyer on the Internet, you come up with two Thiselton-Dyers: