EN A20

In Memoriam

Andrew Christian Rasmussen
Surveyor of Customs and Excise
Born 24th January 1861
Died 17th January 1926

And of his wife
Henrietta Augusta Maria
Born 27th August 1859
Died 5th February 1930.

And of their only child
Who was drowned in the Red Sea on a Voyage
Home from Australia
Born 30th March 1891
Died 21st April 1925

With the Great Almighty Father
To dwell in love forevermore.

Andrew Christian Rasmussen and Henrietta Augusta Maria Rasmussen were both born in Islington.

in the 1891 Census - Resident at Hamlet Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, with his wife Henrietta. Occupstion, an Officer of Inland Revenue. Their son John was born in Haverhill the following year.

1911 Census, they are esident in Peterborough with their only son John, then aged 19 and no occupation listed.

Andrew is Supervisor of Customs and Excise.

As shown on the memorial John was returning from Australia when he drowned in the Red Sea in 1925.  Currently we have found no further information on this.

In 1926 when Andrew died, he was living (or staying) at the Robertson Hotel in Hastings.