Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Mary Jane, General Sir Patrick Edmonstone &  Elizabeth Henrietta Craigie

AW G19

Sacred To the memory of

Mary Jane

the beloved wife of

General Sir
Patrick Edmonstone

Craigie K.C.B.

and Daughter of the late

Major General J. T. Trewman

Born at the  Mount [?] Madras 18th Aug. 1815

Died at St Leonards  29th June 1870

Aged 54

Mary Jane was the eldest daughter of Colonel John Trewman, commanding Masulipatam. and Elizabeth Eleanor (nee Gordon).  She was born in Madras, India.  She married Patrick Craigie on the 2nd January 1838 in Masulipatam, his second marriage.  He first married Bell (or Belle) Williams. [See his obituary below for more information.]  

CRAIGIE - TREWMAN, At Masulipatam, on the 2nd January, Lieutenant Colonel P E Craigie, H.M.'s 55th Regiment, to Mary Jane Trewman
[parbury's Oriental Herald & Colonial Intelligencer = Madras Marriages 1838-39]


They had two sons, Laurence (born 1846) John Harry Smith Craigie( born 1849) and seven daughters, Jessie Eleanor (1841-1858) Mary Anne (Greentree) (1842-1899), Sophy Dalmeny Edmonstone (1844-1849), Margaret (born 1847) Elizabeth Henrietta (1848-1937 - buried with her father) Jane Llewellyn (born 1851.), Frances Charlotte (born 1854).

Sacred to the memory of

Sophy Dalmeny Edmonstone Craigie

who departed this life on the 14th of Jan. 1849

aged 5 yrs

3rd daughter and beloved child of Colonel
.E. Craigie and Mary his wife.

A child of early promise and of intellect much beyond her years.

AW G18

General Sir
Patrick Edmonstone

Craigie K.C.B.

Late of the 55th Foot

Born in Glasgow 3rd Feb. 1794

Died at St Leonards

13th Dec. 1873

.B. - The painting shows Patrick in 1815, aged 21.

 This grave stone is currently [12/2022] being restored by family members.