The Borrow Family - originally from Liskeard, Cornwall - Connections to George H Borrow

On local records the earliest of the Borrow name is John Borrow.  He married Mary Lyne, May 29th, 1690. They had three children: John, Richard, and Henry.

George's line is John - Henry - John - Thomas - George

There are so many John's and Jethro's, it is almost impossible to see a clear path. (The wives also shared many of the same names, and as demonstrated below, surnames as well!)

Henry, the third son, married Elizabeth Sibly, November 21st, 1721.  Their eldest boy was baptised with the Borrow name, John, on the 16th of October, 1722.  This third John in the direct line married into the same good stock as the father had done, taking Mary Sibly to be his lawful wife on the 18th day of May, 1746.

John and Mary had a family of eight children born as shown on the attached plan.  They lived at the family property, Trethinnick, St Cleer, a few miles from Liskeard.

Thomas enlisted after a mell in Liskeard which it was felt bought disgrace on the family.

1783] Coldstream Guards 13

By whom enlisted .... Capt.-Lt. Morshead.

Where - Cornwall.

Former service 5 years o months.

[in pencil]

What corps - Cornish Militia (Yeomanry)."

The West Norfolk Militia

His service shows time spent in Hastings while Thomas was a toddler. In 1804-1807, on coast-defence duty in Sussex and Kent.  In 1804, at Coxheath Camp, Kent, and Silver Hill Barracks, Sussex.  In 1805, ibid. In 1806, at Battle, Blatchington,- Hastings, Pett Camp, Winchelsea (not Winchester, as in Lavengro), Rye, Hythe, Sandgate, and Dover.