Suter Edward Dyer  - EB I10
Died 13 March 1886 at Hastings

Edward Dyer Suter was the son of Edward Suter, who worked as a clerk for John Dyer, Secretary of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich.  He gave his son the second name of Dyer after his employer. His mother’s name was Sarah Burn and he was born in Greenwich on 23 June 1815 (baptised 25 July).  The census of 1841 finds him living with one Robert Suter, architect, possibly an uncle, in Fenchurch Street, but in 1851 he lived with his parents in Canonbury Street, Islington.

He married Maria Hannah (sometimes referred to as Hannah Maria) Elliot in 1858.  Where they live in 1861 is not known, because on the day of the census they are found visiting George Hooper in Theydon Bois and their home address is not stated.  What is stated is that he employs three men and two boys.  Ten years later, he and his wife live at Kent Lodge, Islington and he is then employing six men and three boys.  Business is obviously going well, in fact, so well, that in 1881 he is listed as retired.  A year later, on 31 July 1882 Maria dies, but probate for her estate (£703 17s.  9d.) is not granted until June 1888.

Edward Dyer died 13 March 1886 at Hastings.  When probate was granted on 21 April, his estate was worth £12,501 7s. 2d,  but in June 1886 the executioners were re-sworn and the amount was increased to £12,645 11s.  2d.  Both the probates of Edward and Maria are granted to Catherine Hasell and Lucy Gregory Burn, sisters of Edward. What became of the business is not known.

Suter was the sole agent in London for a ‘Patent Letter Coping Machine’; and he had a number of testimonials from satisfied customers.  But selling copying presses was not all Suter did.  He is listed as Chairman at the winding up of the Woodhouse Colliery Company Limited in 1869. He was also involved with various charitable and missionary organisations.

The publishers for the magazine of the Society for Promoting Female Education in the East, often referred to as the Female Education Society, were Suter and Alexander at 32 Cheapside (a later address and partnership).