Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Gardiner Family

They had a number of children: (below are those verified;  John William Gardiner is shown as a brother in the reports of the death and funeral of Charles Gregory, John was a J.P. and Indian Civil Servant, of Oakhurst, Sylvan Hill, Upper Norwood and had at least five children.  His wife, Grace,  wrote a book on Indian cookery.)

c.1841 - George Edward (Reverend)

c.1842 – Caroline Florence (married John Mouslynn)

1844 -  Selina Harriet

1845 – Charles Gregory

1850 – Frederic Evelyn (Reverend)

1851 – Francis Robert (born Bonn, Rheinland,Prussia)

1856 – Robert Septimus (born Bonn, Rheinland, Prussia)


ED R07

Gardiner, G G

And Francis Mary, his wife.