Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Charlotte & brother Albert Staveley

KH A10

Charlotte M.A. Staveley

youngest daughter of

Gen W Staveley CB

who died 30th May 1916

Aged 77

and of her brother

Albert Hydrabad Napier Staveley

who died 3rd July 1925 in his 83rd year

and is also buried here.

General William Staveley (1784-1854) [] of York and his wife Sarah were married  on January 23, 1817. They had 12 children:

Charles William Dunbar Staveley   b. December 18, 1817  Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
Henrietta Staveley                      b. May 4, 1819            Hythe
Thomas Alexander Staveley          b. February 22, 1821
Harriet Frances Staveley              b. November 6, 1822
Louisa Maria Staveley                  b. June 15, 1824 - married Sir Louis Steuart Jackson. buried in Hastings EJ H26
Henrietta Rose Staveley               b. February 24, 1826
Emily Pauline Staveley                 b. July 28, 1827
Caroline Staveley                        b. December 1, 1828
Arthur William Staveley                b. October 30, 1835
Charlotte Maud Staveley               b. 1837                      Mauritius
Edward Staveley                          b. 1837                      Mauritius
Albert Hyderabad Napier Staveley  b. 1843                      Mauritius  

If the record for Edward is correct (no other information found to date) he and Charlotte would likely be twins. Their father was sent to Mauritius with his company in 1821.  The family remained there for twenty-six years, William being appointed deputy quartermaster- general and commandant of Port Louis on 29 Sept. 1825.

In 1851 Charlotte is a pupil in South Parade, Doncaster.

1861: 5 Inverness Place, Paddington, Middlesex
Sarah STAVELEY                Head   Widow  Female 63  Stratford, Essex, England  Fundholder
Charlotte M. A. STAVELEY   Daur       U     Female  22   Mauritius
Albert H. N. STAVELEY        Son        U     Male     17    Mauritius  Scholar
Martha GREENWOOD          Serv       U     Female  23   Brickdale, Wiltshire, -Housemaid

Mary WORMEN                  Serv        U     Female  32  Romford, Essex, -Cook

1851: Pupil in household of Elizabeth Preston at South Parade, Doncaster, Yorkshire

1871: Niece in household of her mother's sister Frances Taylor (née Mather) at Hastings St Mary Magdalen, Sussex

1881: Resident at Hastings St Mary Magdalen, Sussex, England

In 1891 Albert is living in a boarding house at 51 Southwater Road, listed as a lodger. living on his own means.

Charlotte is listed as head of household, living on her own means with two servants, at North Lodge W

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 03 June 1916
                                  Old Resident's Death
                          A Hundred Years of a fighting Family
Miss Charlotte Stavelev, an old and respected resident on the West-hill, St. Leonards, died on Tuesday.  Miss  Stavley was the last surviving daughter of General Wm. Dunbar Staveley, on the Staff of Wellington through the Peninsular War, and at Waterloo. (it then goes on to say "Some of his own reminiscences in these days cannot hut be interesting."

There follows a lengthy article on her father's career, and that of some of his descendents!) And finally - General Sir Charles Staveley, G.C.8.[Charlotte's eldest brother ], married Miss Minet, sister of Mm. Tubbs. of Caple-ne-Ferne.  The Staveley family are closely associated by marriage and friendship with this district.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 10 June 1916
THE LATE MISS STAVELEY. The funeral took place last Friday of Miss C. M. A. Staveley, whose death was announced in our last issue. The first portion of the service was held at the Old St. Leonards Parish Church. The Rev. J. Webster (Rector) and tbe Rev. E. Anwon (nephew of the deceased) were the officiating clergy at tbe church and at the grave. The interment was in the family grave at the Hastings Borough Cemetery. The grave was lined with evergreens. Amongst those who were present and sent floral tributes were: Mr. Staveley (brother)

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 03 October 1925
Re ALBERT HYDERABAD NAPIER STAVELEY, Deceased. Pursuant to Statute 22 and 23 Vict. c.35. "NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and other persons having any claims or demands against the Estate of Albert Hyderabad Napier Staveley, of Cranford, St. Peter's-road, St. Leonards-on- Sea, in the County of Sussex, formerly of 8, Springfield-terrace, St. Leonards-on-Sea, aforesaid, gentleman (who died on the 3rd day of July, 1925, and whose Will was prored in tne Principal Probate Registry on the 16th day of September. 1925, by Thomas Staveley Oldham, one of the Executors named in the said Will), are hereby reauired to send particulars of their claims ana demands to the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said Executor, or before the 31st day of October, 1925