Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Colonel Robert Tubbs Nightingale Tubbs

In Memory of

Robert Tubbs Nightingale Tubbs

son of the late Robert Tubbs, of Harlesden, Middlesex, Esq.

Colonel Cinque Ports Artillery Volunteers

And late Captain 9th Regiment Bombay Native Infantry

Born 16th March 1823, Died 26th July 1891

Whose ashes are deposited beneath this memorial.

AW G14

Robert Tubbs Nightingale Tubbs Married Fanny Cecilia Minet, born April 02, 1831 in Rome, Italy, September 26, 1861 in Paris, France.

1871 Census. Robert (age 48) & Fanny with 3 Servants. At Park Rd, Park Villas Hastings. Robert Captain Half Pay Retired

1881 Census Robert & Fanny with 3 Servants. At 1 Park Villas, Chapel Park Rd, At Mary Magdalen, Hastings. Robert Captain HPHM Bombay Army,  Captain, Hon Major West Sussex Artillery Volunteers, Lt Col Cinque Ports Artillery Volunteers

In Memory of Fanny Cecilia Tubbs

Wife of Robert tubbs Nightingale Tubbs,

Daughter of G W Minet of Baldwyns Kent

Born in Rome April 3rd 1831, Died at

Capel-Ne-Ferne, St Leonards, Januray 16th 1922.

Whose ashes are deposited beneath this memorial.

"I believe in the resurrection of the dead."


Also on this tomb is a plaque for  Delia Jane Parker, Geraldine Helena Minet, Fanny’s sisters.

Nearbyy, at GW13 their mother, Leah Fortrie Minet, is buried.

See Minet Family

Caple-ne-Ferne was built in 1879-1880 for Robert Tubbs Nightingale Tubbs. The house was left to Tubbs' widow who died in 1922.

Caple le Ferne, near Folkestone, was originally the home of the Huguenot Minet family.

Caple ne Ferne is french for Chapel in Ferns