AH A20

Mary Ann Emma
The Beloved Daughter of
Samuel Betts
Who Died April 22nd 1885,
Aged 44 years

Thou art gone to the grave but we will not deplore thee
Whose god was thy ransom thy guardian and guide
He gave thee he took thee and he Will restore thee
And death has no sting for the Saviour has died

Also Jane Celia sister of the above ....unreadable"
Jane Celia Betts

Died July 1893,
Aged 44

103 All Saints Street - 1851

    Surname   First name(s)   Rel   Status   Sex   Age   Occupation     

    BETTS         Samuel        Head    M          M   38   Fisherman        

    BETTS         Susanna     Wife    M           F   44   Grocer          

    BETTS         Elizabeth      Dau    U           F   17          

    BETTS         Margarett     Dau    U           F   14            

    BETTS         William        Son     U          M   12   Scholar          

    BETTS         Mary A         Dau     U          F   10   Scholar        

    BETTS         Charlotte     Dau     -           F    8   Scholar         

    BETTS         Samuel        Son     -           M    6   Scholar      

    BETTS         Emily          Dau     -            F    5   Scholar     

    BETTS         Jane           Dau     -            F    2    

By 1891 they are living at 77 All Saints Street.  Susanna and Mary Anne have died.  The only ones at home are Samuel, Jane, who is a Shop Assistant, Samuel, a boat-builder and Margaret Stevenson, listed as a step daughter who assists at home, but age tallies with above Margaret and in 1871 she was a dressmaker.  In 1871 Mary Anne was listed as assisting at home.  Samuel appears to have been Susanna’s second husband, as her name at her marriage was Stevenson (her Father was Adams.)