Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Marion Cairns Deas & Family

AR D29

Loving Memory of

Margaret Fleming Deas

Daughter of

The Late James Deas,C.E.


Dies 1st August 1889.

And Marion Cairns

Widow of James Deas,C.E.

Died 31st May 1893

And Cairns Deas C. E. Calcutta

Son of the Above


And Mary Jane Deas

Daughter of James Deas, C.E.

Who Died 30th December 1915

Also Marion Jessie Deas

Daughter of James & Marion C. Deas

Died 31st Oct.1926

Mary Jane Deas is recorded as being buried in JB I82.  See The Mystery of JB I Burials

James Deas was first married to Elizabeth Cairns Deas.  He then married Marion Cairns Deas.

In 1851 the family are  living at High Cample Village, Dumfriesshire: James Deas (age 56 born Leslie, Fifeshire), Civil Engineer.  With his second wife Marion Deas (age 53 born Monkland, Lanarkshire) and their nine children; James Deas, Civil Engineer; (age 23, born Edinburgh, mother – Elizabeth Cairns), Mary J. Deas (age 21); John C. Deas (age 18); Alexander Deas (age 15) David L. Deas (age 13); Eliza M. Deas (age 12); Cairns Deas (age 5); Thomas H. Deas (age 3); and Margaret J. Deas (age 8 Months). Two servants.

Helen Deas was born in 1652 and Marion Jessie Deas in 1856.

The husband and father, James Deas, died in 1856 as did two of the children.

Elgin Courier - Friday 15 February 1856
At Bankhead, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, of scarlet fever, on the 25th ultimo, Helen, aged three years and seven months, youngest daughter, and on the 28th ultimo Thomas Haldane, aged seven years, youngest son of James Deas, C.E.

In 1889 there is a record of Miss Deas living at Villa-road, St. Leonards.

In the 1891 census the family that were left are at Stockleigh Road.


    Surname   First name(s)   Rel   Status   Sex   Age   Occupation         Where Born     

    DEAS       Marion             Head   W          F   73                                 Scotland - -     

    DEAS       M Jane               Dau   S               55                                 Scotland - -     

    DEAS       Cairns                Son   S          M   45   Civil Service India      Scotland - -     

By the census of 1901 they are at Springfield Road.

Household          Role       Sex      Age      Birthplace

Mary J Deas       Head       F        71        Scotland

Cairns Deas       Brother    M        55       Scotland

Marion J Deas    Sister       F        44       Scotland

Ellen Mc L Deas  Niece       F        40       Scotland

C M P Campbell  Visitor      F        44       Scotland

Florence Morgan Servant     F        19       Robertsbridge, Sussex

Helen Chaplin    Servant     F         24      Woolchurch, Kent

In 1903 there is a directory listing DEAS, Cairns & Misses. ‘Furze Croft Park,.  In 1920 this is Miss Deas, ‘Furze Croft’, Filsham Park.

Miss Deas in particular often featured in the social pages of the Observer.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 12 March 1892
On either side were to be seen some fine specimens of the faience ware, and Mr. Monk and the Misses Deas did all in their power to effect sales.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 27 April 1895
HERR WALGER'S CONCERT An admirable concert,.. The following artistes  took part:—Vocalists, Miss M. J. Deas and Frau Walter …… Miss Deas was warmly applauded for the beautiful manner in which she sang Handel's ''Light," …..
Miss Deas, later in the evening, sang Rossini's air, Una voce poca fa," and gained a well merited encore, whereupon she gave "When the heart is young."

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 15 December 1900
Miss Deas and Frau Walger sang Mendelssohn's “I waited for the Lord" very sweetly, and the programme concluded with a trio by Miss Golding, Miss Deas, and Frau Walger. …..

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 21 March 1903
Miss Deas was enthusiastically received, and gave an encore "De fond kiss."; Miss Deas; pianoforte solo…….