Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Georgiana & Jane Strickland & nephew Louis Waghorne

Georgiana Strickland
Who fell asleep in Jesus
1884 Aged 81 years

Saved by Grace :  Blessed be His name

Also Louis Waghorne Nephew of the above
Who died Sept. 5th 1869. Aged 26 years

       Dearly loved

Also in Loving Memory of
Jane Strickland
Who died February 1888 Aged 83 years

Georgiana Strickland was born in 1803 to George and Mary Srickland.  Her sister Jane was born in 1809.  They had a sister Elizabeth born in 1807 (Elizabeth Strickland married William Waghorne and had 9 children, including Louis) and two brothers, Edmund born in 1806 and Samuel born in 1812.

Their father George came to Hastings from Appledore in Kent and later built (or had built) Harpsichord House in Cobourg Place.  In the 1851 census George and his daughter Jane are recorded as living here. Georgian is visiting her brother Samuel and family in Crayford, Kent.

In 1871 Georgiana and Jane were living together in Hastings; and again in 1881 when their niece, Helen Waghorn [sic] was visiting.

Copy deed of settlement by George Strickland (with the approval of his sons Edmund Strickland of Hastings, coal merchant, and Samuel Strickland of Bexley in Kent, miller, and his daughter Georgiana Strickland) on his daughter Jane Strickland
Description: Of a warehouse in Winding Lane, 85 George Street, a brazier's shop on the Stone Beach (rebuilt as the Queen Adelaide beershop) and a stable in a passage from George Street to West Street, Hastings (details of abuttals, tenants, vendors and dates of purchase given, 1818-1829); includes covenant by Georgiana Strickland regarding the production of title deeds Date: 15 Oct 1846

Deed of Covenant

Description: By GEORGIANA STRICKLAND of Hastings, spinster, with MARGARET WHITE of Hastings, widow; HANNAH LUSTED of Westham, widow, and WILLIAM MORRIS of Eastbourne, watchmaker and auctioneer, being parties of the 2nd. part, for production of deeds relating to premises in All Saints', Hastings, conveyed by the said H. Lusted and Wm. Morris to the said Margaret White which also related to premises in Hill Street in St. Clement's Hastings, of greater value, purchased by and conveyed to the said Georgiana Strickland. Signature and seal
Witness:- Thos. P. Langham, Solr., Hastings. Date: 25 Jun 1857

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 11 September 1869,
September 5, at the residence of his aunts, 40 High street, Hastings,
Louis, sixth son of the late Mr. William Waghorne, aged 25 years.

Hastings and St Leonards ObserverSaturday 18 February 1893
Strickland Jane, February 10th, at 10, High-street, Jane, the youngest daughter of the late George Strickland, of Harpsichord House, Hastings, in her 83rd year.

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