CD L3 - Maria Zamoyska

Jadwiga Zamoyski, (b. 4 of July 1831 in Warsaw , died. 4 November 1923 in Kornik ) - Polish social activist, the handmaid of God .  She was home educated but at the age of 14 decided she wanted to go to school but couldn't find a school that taught what she wanted - "a school of life".

She later set up such a school with the help of her son, and it became a model for schools throughout Poland.  

The Zamoyski family aimed to serve as trustees of Polish traditions and promote the preservation and imparting of Polish culture.

While visiting the United Kingdom with her family in November 1858, Maria Zamoyska, the one-year old child of Jadwiga Zamoyska and Wladyslaw Zamoyski, died and was buried at Hastings Cemetery.

Fundacja Zaklady Kornickie was set up in 1925 in Poland as a Government-owned institution to inherit not only the properties owned by Jadwiga Zamoyska, mother of Maria, but most of all to care about the history, and burial sites of members of the family. Disbanded in 1953 by the Communist government, Zaklady Kornickie was reinstalled in 2002.   They feel that it is part of their duty to take care of the places bound with the family's history.

The Borough Cemetery have records of a Mary Zamoyskee being buried at Hastings Cemetery on 24th November 1858. There are records showing that there was a memorial at one point, a stone landing, ledger and an iron fence.  However when they carried out memorial testing in 2007 there was no memorial found left.


Thanks to the work of the Cemetery Office the following has come to light.