Friends of Hastings Cemetery

John James Kane - known in Hastings  as James Harvey

AV A01

John James Kane, aged 49, died 3rd June 1894.

William Kane, aged 45, who died in 1893.

In Loving Memory of

John James Kane,

(Known in Hastings as

James Harvey)

Who died at The Grove

June 3rd 1894, in his 50th Year

He had a tear for pity and a hand open
as the day for meeting charity

Not gone from memory or from love

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 24 November 1894

In Memoriam.—Mr. H. Burchell, monumental mason, of Havelock-road and Middle-street, has recently had in hand some specially noteworthy grave monuments, amongst them being a Sicilian marble memorial carved cross, on three steps, enclosed by marble kerb, with galvanised chain hanging marble posts, in memory of the late Mr. John James Kane, better known in Hastings Mr. James Harvey. The cross is also erected to the memory of Mr. William Kane, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, who died some nine months before.  [But was buried here according to the records]