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Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 26 May 1894

The Illness of Mr James Harvey - in our last issue we recorded that Mr J Harvey had had to have a toe amputated and was doing well.  On Thursday, however, there was a change for the worse in his dondition, and Dr. Trollope was called in...........  An operation was found to be necessary, but the rumour that is going aroujd, that Mr. Harvey's leg had to be amputated, is the request of Mrs. Harvey, Dr. Harris had consented to remain at The Grove, Elphingsone Road, Mr. Harvey's residence, for the night.

Saturday 09 June 1894 ,  Hastings and St Leonards Observer


The announcement of the death of Mr James Harvey, which occurred at midnight on Saturday last after illness of three weeks, must, we feel sure, have been received by the inhabitants of this town with feelings of regret.   Mr. Harvey, who was born at Newcastle, was in his fiftieth year, and came to this town over ten years ago, when he was but little known.  His proper name was Kane, though he always went by the name of Harvey in his turf connections.  Since he  came to Hastings his name has been associated with all local sports, and he has generously helped, in an unostentatious way, all local charities.  He built up a large connection in his

business, and he was generally respected for his honesty in all matters concerning the turf.  Not only will he be missed by the athletic institutions of the borough, but the poor of the Old Town lose a generous friend in the death of Mr. Harvey, who was a chemist by profession.  His fame as an expert shot extends throughout the country, and the successes he achieved at Hendon are well known.

THE FUNERAL. The funeral took place on Thursday at 1 p.m.,when the body was interred at the Borough Cemetery.  A large number of persons waited outside The Grove to watch the burial cortege, which was a very long one. Following the hearse came three carriages full wreathes and other floral tributes, and a dogcart bore a large. enamel wreath, sent by the National Gun Club. The coffin, which was covered with wreaths, bore the following inscription :—" John James Kane, died 3rd June, 1894. Aged 49 years.

Eight coaches conveyed the mourners (including a Mrs. Harvey, a Mrs. Kane and daughters) and .........There were about twenty other carriages. The mournful procession passed down Queens-road to the Memorial, proceeding to the Cemetery by way of the Old Town and Ore.

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