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Dr. John & Ann Maria Savery

Hastings Observer 7 November 1874, page 5:
DEATH OF DR SAVERY.— Slowly but surely the fatal hand of death is removing from our midst those old townsmen who form a connecting link between Hastings of the present and Hastings of the past, and our obituary today records the passing away of another old familiar face. We allude to the death of Mr John Savery, who for the last fifty years has practised in this town as a medical man.  Deceased was held in universal esteem and respect by his fellow-townsmen, and as a practitioner no one was probably more liked than Mr Savery; his cheerful voice and encouraging words gave fresh vigour and hope to the patient, and proved almost as potent as the medicine administered.

Mr Savery during his life held important positions in connection with several of our chief local institutions. He was especially identified with the Infirmary, where for some years he was the senior surgeon, and with that invaluable institution he in later days kept up his connection as hon. consulting surgeon. He was also identified with the volunteer movement and was for sometime hon. surgeon to the Rifles.

Since the death of the lamented Mr John Charles Savery, deceased has almost ceased to take an active part in medical work, and for the past month he has been unable to leave his bed. He expired at his residence "The Roselands", Hollington, on Monday last, at the ripe old age of 76, after a long career of useful and unblemished public life. Mr Savery's death will be universally regretted, and numerous are those who will miss his cheerful, smiling face for some time to come. It will be exactly fifty years this month since he came to Hastings and entered into partnership with the late Dr Satterley, his uncle.  Dr Savery leaves to mourn his loss a widow, daughter, and three sons. The remains of the deceased were interred at the Borough Cemetery yesterday (Friday), the funeral being of a strictly private character.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 11 October 1890
DEATH OF AN OLD INHABITANT. We regret to record the death of Mrs. Savery, who died at her residence, Roselands. Hollington, not in York-buildings, as previously stated—on Thursday afternoon, October 2nd, in the presence of her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and the doctor. Deceased, who was eighty-six years of age, was the widow of Mr. John Savery, M.R.C.S., who was in practice iu this town for 50 years.  She lived amongst us for 61 years, 39 of which were spent in Hastings (seven years Castle Cottage, and 31 at 12, York-buildings), and 22 in her country home, where she died.  She was the daughter of Oharles Turner, A.R.A., the famous mezzotint engraver and painter in oils, of Warrenstreet, Fitzroy-square, London.

Deceased was no mean artist herself, as many clever paintings, etchings, water-colours, drawings, now adorning the walls at Roselands testify.  Of her personal character, we may say that she was a woman of great firmness and activity, and always ready to help others.

The first part of the funeral service was held in the church the deceased lady attended, being continued at the Cemetery, where her husband and four sons are buried. She leaves two sons, one daughter, and 11 grand-children…….