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Corbett (Andrew Gibson) Family

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Corbett Andrew Gibson, aged 65, died 24/1/1886 -  Of Glasgow and Melbourne, Australia.  Died at St. Leonards on Sea.

Corbett Andrew Gibson, son, aged 44, died  16/1/1895 in Brixton

Corbett Margaret Stewart, died March 1897 - Elder daughter of Andrew Gibson Corbett Senior.  Died at Melbourne, Australia.

Corbett Mary Anne Stewart, wife, aged 92, died  06/01/1916 in Edinburgh

Corbett Janet Gibson, aged 82, died 22/12/1937 - Born 22/01/1855 in Glasgow.   Second daughter of Andrew Gibson Corbett Senior.  Died incorbett Edinburgh.

This is probably Andrew Gibson Corbett Senior, second son of the late Dr Lorimer Corbett, Gorbals, Glasgow and his wife Anne.

They were married on the 28th March 1850 - At 369 St Vincent Street, on the 28th instant, by the Rev. John Paterson of Anderston Church, Andrew Gibson Corbett Esq., merchant, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late John Stewart Esq., Hyde Park.

They had three children, Andrew G CORBETT born 1850, Margaret S CORBETT 1852,Janet G CORBETT 1855.

The Corbett family were in Victoria by 1866.  It is possible that he followed in the footsteps of a former partner of Thomas Corbett & Co., James Service.

Brighton, April 30 - The Argus, Melbourne Friday 4th May 1866
Andrew Gibson Corbett, formerly in Glasgow, now in Australia, ceased on  the 30th day of April, 1865, to have any interest in  the business of Corbett  and  Company, Tea  Merchants, in Glasgow, of which he was previously sole partner ; and since then the business has been, and  is still carried out by the subscriber, Charles Simson, under the  same firm, for his own sole behoof.  Thomas  Corbett, Attorney for Andrew Gibson Corbett. Charles Simson. WM. BROWN, Clerk, 29,  St. Vincent-place, Glasgow, Witness. DAVID  MARTIN.,  Clerk,  2 J,  St. Vincent- place, Glasgow, Witness.

In Glasgow, February 1866: "Subject-matter index of patents applied for and patents granted, by B. Woodcroft" 1st Feb. 1866) Thomas Edward Knightley. / Andrew Gibson Corbett - Constructing and draining floors suitable for stables.

Andrew (Senior) invested in land in Victoria and in Queensland.  He also engaged in various industries.- and quite of lot of litigation. (More information available via a search at

Sir,- My attention has been directed to a paragraph in your paper of Friday last, in which the Glasgow cooking dépôts are highly spoken of; but your correspondent adds:
'Notwithstanding the cheapness of the fare, the gentleman who has made the speculation is making a fortune by it"
As my brother is the Gentleman alluded to, allow me to state, that the entire profits from the commencement have been devoted to charitable and philanthropic objects.  For instance, £600 was lately presented to the Glasgow Working Men's Exhibltion.  I received the enclosed statement by last mail, and send it, thinking it might be interesting to your readers.
I am, Sir, your obedient servant.
A. G. CORBETT. / Brighton, April 30. 1866

The Age (Melbourne, Vic. ) Sat 2 Aug 1873
Corbett  v. the South Costerfield Gold and Antimony Company. — An action to recover £317 for goods sold and delivered
The plaintiff' is Andrew Gibson Corbett, merchant.  In the earlier part of 1872 the defendant company was started, and upon the representation of certain of the directors machinery was supplied valued at the amount sued for, and which it had been arranged to pay one-half by cash, and the balance by a bill at six months.

The money was not paid, nor was the bill met, as agreed upon. Tho defendants pleaded non-indebtedness.  A verdict was returned for plaintiff, damages £317 12s. 3d.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.)  Thu 14 Sep 1882
NOTICE is hereby given, that the PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, Andrew Gibson Corbett, sen., and Andrew Gibson  Corbett, jun , carrying on business as machinery merchants at Melbourne and Ballarat, has been this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent.  The business will henceforth be carried on by the said Andrew Gibson Corbett, sen , only, under the style of " A. G. Corbett  And Co." and he will receive and pay all debts due to and by the late firm.
Dated this lst day of September, 1882.
A. G. CORBETT. / A. G. CORBETT, Jun. / Witness-J. W. Symonds.

And on behalf of his daughter -

The Argus  Monday 8 January 1877 p 7
Sir,-In to-day's issue I observe a letter .. in which my daughter although not named, is
evidently the lady referred to. She is at present on a visit to Warrnambool ……. [See p.3]

The Argus (Melbourne,  Mon 21 Jun 1886
CORBETT.—On 21st April, at St. Leonards on Sea, England, Andrew Gibson Corbett, of Melbourne and Eden-park, Brighton, aged 65, second son of the late Dr. Lorimer Corbett, Gorbals, Glasgow.

Advocate (Melbourne, Vic.)  Sat 24 Jul 1886
Probate has been granted in the will of  Andrew Gibson Corbett, £17,548

More litigation continued as his wife, Mary Anne, tried to gain title to land left to her in his will. [See page 3.}