Friends of Hastings Cemetery

EH N27


To the dear memory of 'Ray'

Raymond John Willis

Who fell asleep July 27th 1911

In the 19th Year of his life

To the dear memory of Thomas Walter Willis

 The beloved husband of Emily Georgina Willis

 Who entered into rest Aug 15th 1913

Aged 25 Years

To the dear memory of

Lieut. Edgar Reginald Willis

 Killed .....July 14 1916


To the dear memory of Hubert Walter Willis

 Who entered into rest May 3rd 1933

Also Emily Georgina Willis - Called away...?Aged 84 Years


Willis Family

St Mary-in-the-Castle Monumental Inscription

In ever loving remembrance of

Lieut Edgar Reginald Willis

Royal Sussex Regiment)

who was killed in action on the Somme

while gallantly leading his men

July 14th 1916 in his 26th year

and was interred in Maricourt  Cemetry, France

A sunny life, nobly given, for God, King and Country

has won the victor`s crown”