Friends of Hastings Cemetery


Loving Memory


Henry Kenward

Who died January 12th 1894

Aged 59 years



Wife of the above

Who died February 17th 1918

Aged 92

[Unreadable inscription]


Henry James

Son of the above

Who Died April 2nd 1920

Aged 62

Charlotte & Henry Kenward

In the 1891 Census the family was living at 11 Court House Street

KENWARD   Henry   Head      M   M   56   Dairyman(Em'er)    Sussex - Westfield      

KENWARD   Charlotte   Wife   M   F   64   Dairyman's Assistant(Em'ee)    Sussex - Hastings

KENWARD   George W   Son   M   M   30   Dairyman(Em'ee)    Sussex - Ore

KENWARD   Margaret A   Daulaw   M   F   29   Dairyman's Assistant(Em'ee)    Hastings      

KENWARD   Ellen M   Grndau         S   F   5   Scholar    Sussex - Hastings      

KENWARD   George H   Grnson   -   M   4   Scholar    Sussex - Hastings      

KENWARD   Charlotte   Grndau   -   F   1       Sussex - Hastings      

KENWARD   Daisy   Grndau   -        F   1m   (Age: Under 1 Month)    Sussex - Hastings      

THOMSETT   Emily A   Servnt   S   F   22   General Servant    Sussex - Hollington      

EDWARDS   Edward P   Servnt   S   M   19   Dairyman's Assistant(Em'ee)    Kent - Gravesend

FOSTER   William S   Servnt   S   M   26   Dairyman's Assistant(Em'ee)

Henry James (son) in 1891 lodged at 100 St Georges Rd and worked as a plumber (employee)