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Jane Bulkeley-Johnson continued

Jane is shown as having owned valuable land in the USA:

Purchase of land. — .. the military reservation post of Hollo have been purchased and deeds therefor recorded in the name of the United States: June 13. 1910, purchase of 17,202.56 square meters of land, acquired by condemnation proceedings through the court of first instance of Hollo. P. I., at a rate of W.51 per square meter, or $12,987.93 U S currency.  …….This parcel is part of a tract of tide- water land situated within the military reservation post of Hollo, title to which was declared to rest In the names of F. Stuart Jones and the heirs of Jane Sophia Bulkeley- Johnson — all English subjects. Proper steps have been taken to secure title in the name of the United States, the purchase price having been paid into the clerk of the court of first instance, Folio, P. I.  
- Annual report of the Secretary of War, Volume 2"

Charles, the executor of his Mother’s will named above, wrote his own name in history.

Brigadier-General Bulkeley-Johnson, A.D.C. to H.M. the King, (Son of Francis and Jane Sophia Bulkeley-Johnson.) joined the Royal Scots Greys in 1887, becoming Captain in 1894, and Major in 1902.  He took part in the Nile Expedition of 1899, and was present at the operations which led up to the final defeat of the Khalifa.  He was mentioned in Despatches and received the British Medal and the Egyptian Medal with two clasps.  He also held the following Honours : Order of the Mejidieh (4th Class), Legion of Honour (Officier), St. George (3rd Class) for Valour, being the sole recipient of the latter under the rank of Field-Marshal.  

At the beginning of the War he was in command of his Regimentand was promoted Brigadier-General in November, 1914, being twice mentioned in Dispatches.

He was shot dead (aged 49) when out, almost alone, on a personal reconnaissance which saved the lives of countless of his men, at Monchy on April 11th, 1917

He is buried at Gouy-En-Artois Communal Cemetery France - Area: Pas De Calais (see also )