Bombay Gazette - Tuesday 01 March 1853
The Governor General of India in Council has just announced the restoration of Dr. Donald Butter to his original position in the Bengal Medical Service, with arrears of pay and allowances from 8th December 1852.

According to an account in the magazine of St Johns Church, Norwood “Dr Butter was later reinstated to his position, having pleaded that it was unjust that only the Directors with military rank had been punished, while the civilian Directors had not.”

On his retirement from his career as a surgeon, Opium Examiner and later Inspector General of Hospitals with the Bengal Medical Establishment of the East India Company.  Dr Butter built a magnificent house called Hazelwood opposite All Saint’s Church on Church Road, Norwood, with gardens laid out under the supervision of Sir Joseph Paxton.  He died at Hazelwood and was buried with his wife Eliza in St Mary in the Castle Burial Ground. [Wallinger’s Walk]

Arthur Donald Butter,34 Assistant Revenue Surveyor, Ist Grade, 27 June 66, in charge of lot Division, Lower Provinces, Bowhatty

To  be  Majors. = Captain  Arthur  Donald  Butter.    Dated  12th  December,  1876.

India Office 3rd May 1887
H. M. Queen has approved the retirement from the services of the undermentioned Staff Corps and Indian Military Services

Colonél Arthur Donald Butter, Bengal Staff Corps. Dated 4th April, 1887.

The. undermentioned - officers have been granted a step of honorary rank on retirement : To be Major-Generals.

Colonel Arthur Donald Butter, Bengal Staff Corps. Dated 4th April, 1887.

Morning Post - Thursday 04 August 1887 = Death
BUTTER.— On the 30th ult., at Teddington, Arthur Donald Butter, major-general H.M.'s Indian Army, aged forty-eight.

On the 15th June 1888 Eliza and Donald were moved to Hastings Borough Cemetery.  Later in the same year, on the 12th October, Arthur’s body was brought from Teddington cemetery.

There is another Button burial = Maria Frances Butter, aged  80 who died  in November 1874 and is buried at AU I01