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In St Michael's Cathedral, Barbados are recorded the death of his first wife, and a young son of his second marriage.

Martha Elizabeth/Beloved wife of / Peter Chapman/who died 17th June 1842/Aged 20 Years

In memory of | Benjamin Thomas, | son of Peter and Mary Emlin Chapman | Born September 29th 1857; | Died March 6th 1859, | Aged 17 months and 5 days. |

James Dottin Dalton Newsam was buried on June 8, 1859 in the Cathedral (St Michael's Parish Church) at age 65.  According to his will:

His house and premises in Hastings to be sold as soon as possible after his death ……. And he appointed his wife Maria and friend Peter Chapman (solicitor) as executors. May 6, 1858.

Nearby in the Cemetery, in A0 A04 and A06 are buried members of the Harte family.  Rev William Harte was Peter Chapman’s father-in-law.  He appalled the colonialists in Barbados by preaching equality.  He was prosecuted by the vestry of his parish for, among other things, teaching slaves ‘doctrines of equality inconsistent with their obedience to their masters’ and for comparing the white inhabitants of his parish to those of Sodom and Gomorrah, somewhat to the advantage of the latter.

See Exploring History in Hastings Cemetery (or the Internet) for more on this.

AO A12
Chapman Peter James
Born February 1854
Died 1st November 1884, aged 30
Second son of Peter Chapman, Esq., of Barbados, West Indies.

AO A10 - AO A11

Chapman, Mary Emilia

Died March 1938

AO A10 - AO A11

Chapman, Elizabeth Harriet

Died October 1887, aged 39

Second daughter of Peter Chapman Esq. of Barbados

Peter Chapman & Family cont.

AO A12

AO A11 AO A11