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George Devey continued

A New Public Drinking Fountain.

Hastings News 4apr1879 p5:

The new drinking fountain at the top of High Street, erected at a cost of nearly £1000, by Mrs Shepherd, to the memory of her father. Francis William Staines, Esq., who for many years was a resident of Hastings, and a considerable period one of the Borough Magistrates,……….. A great improvement has been effected by the erection of the handsome structure, which in addition to being an ornament to the locality will prove useful to the public. The fountain, which is built with Bath stone, bricks, and granite, looks very formidable, ………... Over the granite basin into which the water can be sent by pushing a spring, is the following inscription, cut on Bath stone and nicely executed:—

ttached to the fountain is a plain tankard, made of gun metal and secured by two chains. Some distance from the base of the fountain, on the opposite side of the path, is a large granite trough for the accommodation of horses, and underneath is a basin out of which dogs will be able to refresh themselves.

The memorial cannot but be appreciated by the town, and it is to be hoped that, unlike other fountains in its immediate neighbourhood, it will never be allowed to get in the dilapidated and useless state into which they have fallen.

Much of this information is from Allibone, Jill:
 George Devey : Architect  1820-1886
Lutterworth Press, 1991 ISBN - 0718827856

There is a Devey Collection held at the University of Sheffield - Drawings and photographs relating to the work of the architect George Devey (1820-1886)

Thirty-six Years resident in this Borough.