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Grave Carvings - Symbolism

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Narcissus   The triumph of divine love, sacrifice, and eternal life over death, selfishness and sin.

Oak / Oak leaf Strength - Because of its solidarity and endurance, the oak is the symbol of strength; of faith and virtue and of the Christian against adversity.

Olive branch   Forgiveness, and peace

Palms   Martyrdom, or victory over death

Pansy   Symbol of remembrance, humility and meditation.

Passion flower   Symbol of Christ, Christ’s passion and death, redemption, crucifixion.

Passion flower - white Purity

Peacock   Eternal life

Pine   fertility, regeneration, fidelity  

Pineapple   hospitality, good host   

Poppy   peace, rest, sleep, eternal sleep, consolation  

Evergreen  - Eternal life

Garland  - Victory over death

Gourds  - Deliverance from grief

Grape and vine  - Symbol of our Lord and His followers, the church and unity.

Hands  - A relation or partnership  

Heart  - Devotion

Hibiscus - Short term on earth

Horseshoe - Protection against evil

Hourglass - Time and its swift flight

IHS - ΙΧΣ - Jesu Christou Saviour - Ιησούς Χριστός Σωτήρας OR the first three letters of "Jesus" in Greek (Ίησους, in Greek capitals ΙΗΣΟΥΣ

Iris  - Eloquence; a message; protection.

Ivy - Faithfulness, memory, mortality, undying friendship

Lamb  - Innocence

Laurel  - Victory

Laurel wreath - Immortality

Lily  - Purity and resurrection

Lily of the Valley  - Symbol of the advent of Christ, purity and humility

Mermaid   Dualism of Christ