Friends of Hastings Cemetery

Eunice, Lois & John Trimming

Census, 1891 - 126 Harold Rd

  Surname  1st name       Rel  Status  Sex  Age  Occupation             Born

TRIMMING  John           Head      M    M  40  Architect(Notem)        Hastings

TRIMMING  Lois R         Wife      M     F  41                                 Hastings

TRIMMING  Eunice R      Dau      S     F  17  Asst. Teacher            Eastbourne

TRIMMING  John R         Son      M         16  Ironmonger's App,     Eastbourne

TRIMMING  Esther M      Dau      F         14  Milliner's App.           Eastbourne

TRIMMING  Lydia M       Dau   -   F         12   Scholar                   Eastbourne

TRIMMING  James E      Son   -   M         11   Scholar                   Eastbourne

TRIMMING  Martha L     Dau   -   F           8   Scholar                     Hastings

TRIMMING  Benjamin M Son   -   M           6   Scholar                     Hastings

TRIMMING  Clement W  Son   -  M          5   Scholar                       Hastings

TRIMMING  Arthur J       Son   -  M          3                                    Hastings

FUNNELL    Priscilla E    Sislaw   S    F   35  Wife's Companion         Hastings

HERON       Walter W   Board     S   M   21  Pianoforte Tuner          Uxbridge

December 26th, 1872 at Ebenezer Chapel, by Mr. Hull, Mr. John Trimming, only son of Mr. Ebenezer Trimming, of Claremont to Lois Rhoda the second daughter of Mr. R. Funnell of George street.  The bride and bridegroom were presented with a Bible and a hymn book (Gadsby's Selection).

John was very busy in Hastings as an architect, and in the selling and letting homes.  He worked often with his wife’s family.

TO LET OR BE SOLD, Superior six-roomed Houses, designed to meet the requirements of genteel tenants; South-East aspect; nice gardens ; open prospect; "Sunrise-terrace, Harold-road, Clive Vale, Hastings. Rent £25.  Apply to Trimming, Architect, Stream Lodge, Harold-road, Hastings [1884]

TO BE SOLD, superior six and eight-roomed houses, let - to good tenants,  Sunrise-terrace, Harold-road, Clive Vale; also to let or be sold houses in the same terrace, just completing. Apply J. Trimming, Architect and Builder, Stream Lodge, Harold-road,[1886]

TRIMMING, J. Architect & surveyor, ‘Stream Lodge’, Sunrise Terrace, Harold Rd, 1887.  (In 1891 census at 126 Harold Rd.)

At the same time he was the Superintendent of Ebenezer Chapel.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 22 July 1882


 Wednesday was the date of a great event the calendar those attending the Ebenezer Chapel, which is devoted to the sect termed the Particular Baptists.  On that day was opened the new Sunday School and Vestry-room which have recently been erected, and which have direct communication with the original chapel. The architect was Mr. Trimming, and the builder Mr. Tanner. The new structure does not boast of any particular architectural pretensions.  It is a well constructed airy edifice, and admirably fitted for the purposes for which it is intended. Great credit is due to all concerned—to the architect and builder for the excellent way in which they have discharged their respective functions, and to the congregation for the generous manner in which they have set to work, and even are now working, raise the sum required to pay off everything. ………

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 31 May 1873

Chapel.—This chapel, which has been for some time undergoing extensive repairs, was reopened on Tuesday last, ……… Large congregations were present at each service.   The chapel, as most of our readers no doubt well know, was an unpretentious looking building, but after having undergone repairs, it now looks neat and commodious. The building has been completely renovated, and now presents a mnch more modern appearance than it did before. It has also been enlarged, and provides sixty additional sittings, making a total of 350.  The body of the chapel has been reseated with open benches in lieu of the former closed pews. The alterations were carried out under the superintendence and from the plans of Mr. Trimming

John Trimming was living at 4 Nelson Road in March 1907.  After he was widowed, be and his family  emigrated to Canada.   

“Virginian” arriving 6 Mar 1908 - widowed John Trimming, 57, architect and Arthur J. 20 bound for Kitscoty, Alberta.

1916 census Battle River, Saskatchewan

John Trimming, 65, widowed, emigration 1908 carpenter

James Ebenezer Trimming, 36, emigration 1907 farmer

Martha Lois Trimming, 33, emigration 1913

Benjamin Marcus Trimming, 31, emigration 1907 soldier

Jabez Funnel, 19, emigration 1913 relationship to John - nephew