Edward Francis Vereker Ventris

He reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army and he might have gone further had he not contracted tuberculosis and retired.

Retired from the Indian Army - E. F. V. Ventris, on account of ill-health. 5th Jan. 1923.

He married Anna Dorothea Janasz (Dora), the daughter of a wealthy immigrant landholder from Poland.  Their only child was Michael Ventris.  They divorced in 1935.

Charles Peyton Ventris was born in Lewisham in 1887.  He married Madeline Harrison in Brighton, 1916.  They had two children, and divorced in 1919.

Admitted to the Middle Temple, 1918:

CHARLES PEYTON VENTRIS, lieutenant-commander, R.N., (33), second son of Francis Ventris, maJor-general commanding Bntish forces at Hong Kong. China.

Patrick Clavell Blount was a voluminous author on various subjects and was a campaigner against the floridation of the public water supply.  “He had served as a catering officer at Scampton, a bomber base in Lincolnshire, during the Second World War. He talked about seeing the young airmen off the tarmac at dusk and then staying up to cook breakfast for the ones who made it back from the night’s mission over Germany.   Clavell Blount may have been a crank, as Enoch Powell certainly claimed when he was Minister for Health. But the memory of those missing fliers was built into the campaign he waged so stubbornly against the excesses of a state that he considered to be eroding the liberties they had gone out to defend.”