Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 02 February 1935

Part of the Principal’s annual summing up: …Three sisters, who left the school [Hastings and St. Leonards Ladies' College] some years ago. daughters of the late Doctor Culhane, are all doing important work.  Norah Nicholls was appointed publicity manager of Messrs. Methuen and Co., publishers, last August.  Kathleen Lathbury was appointed bio-chemist in the physiological department of the British Drug Houses, Ltd., in charge of vitamin testing and research, and of insulin testing, and Rosalind Culhane has just been appointed assistant private secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer….


A woman civil servant has been appointed to a new Treasury post to look after the welfare of more than 700,000 civil servants. She is Miss Rosalind Culhane, a Londoner, who for more than 20 years has worked for the Treasury and is now liaison officer for the civil service. She will deal with all problems relating to non-evacuees, canteens, arrears in pay, and allowances for dependants. Photo  23 March 1944

 In 1966 Rosalind married Thomas Padmore who was appointed CB in 1947, KCB in 1953 and GCB in 1965. He was first married, in 1934 to Alice who died in 1963, and in 1964 to Rosalind Culhane, LYO, OBE, a former colleague of his in the Treasury, who died last in 1995, aged 90.

A Wikipedia article says Kathleen Culhane Lathbury.... had three sisters, Norah (later Nicholls), Rosalind (later Lady Padmore), Christine and two brothers, Robert (who died in his teens), and Michael, who all had equally remarkable lives.

Rosalind Culhane (Grandmother) Rosalind Mary (aunt)

Frederick W S Culhane & Lucy Mary - Parents

Robert Crowdy Culhane - Brother