We have been exploring people with an

 Australian Connection in the Cemetery

  Here is a partial list, those not linked have not (yet) been written up..

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 07 July 1917 - Mrs. Robertson, nee Miss Abbott Australia, has been visiting Hastings with her husband, ami she has verv kindly entrusted the Hon. Secretary with a trophy-to be to the Sea Angling Festival Committee in commemoration of visits to the Hastings and St. Leonards Festivals. This trophy lias been especially brought from Australia and is typical our Colony

Hugh Chaffey  the Younger - The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA  Tue 21 Apr 1896 - Page 6  OUR ANGLO-COLONIAL LETTER. - well known in Australia as the third officer of the Orient

Bovis, George Charles, wife Elizabeth & daughter – a slight Australian reference, but intruging 'My Dear.  Bessoms from Harry. Australia

Browne, Margaret & Dr. John Harris - Pastoralist in South Australia, member of Sturt’s expedition, credited with saving his life, and much more, ably supported by his wife

Cannon - Martin M. & Eliza [wife] (Late of Australia) A genealogical puzzle…

 Corbett, Andrew Gibson –The Corbett family were in Victoria by 1866.  They were involved in scandal. misadventure and litigation.

De Falbe, Charles Vigant Monterosi – Commander in the Danish Royal Navy.  Australia connection through his wife Emmeline, great niece of John Macarthur and granddaughter of Philip Gidley King.  Her first marriage was to George Farquhar Leslie.  New South Wales

Dewar ,John Lart - died about 15th May in North Queensland, remembered on the grave of Emma Dewar,

Gedge, William Edward. Emily Isabella & baby Herbert - William spent many years in Ghana and the family then went to Melbourne, where Herbert was born (and died) William was a Landing Waiter in the Customs Service, Victoria

Hanby, Edward Wrey = His parents retired to Tasmania and his Mother died there in 1920.  His Father was later appointed Municipal Commissioner, Dehra Dun, and served for eleven years...

Hansard, Arthur Agar  - - Master Mariner, a varied life, sailed between England and Australia over many years, lived in Queensland for some years, retired to England

Huckle, Dr. Arthur Headley - was born in Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia in 1870.

Icely, Caroline Charlotte - eldest daughter of a family listed in “Australian Royalty: Geneology of the colony of NSW

Lewis, William - Melbourne, Australia.  Died at Buchanan Hospital, Hastings.  Beloved only son of Ethel and Russell Lewis, Stoneleigh, Beaufort, Victoria.

McDougal - Sacred to the memory of Robert Mcdougal late of Melbourne in the colony of Victoria who died at St Leonards- on-sea 13th of October 1880 aged 59 "Thy will be done"  Also Duncan Mcdougal who died at Knellstone Udimore on 4th April 1942 Much beloved

Minet Family - Leah Fortrie and daughters Geraldine Helena, and Delia Jane Parker - Mother and sisters of Cecilia Tubbs q.v.  Geraldine and Delia spent some years in the Antipodes and in Victoria were involved variously in Theosophy. Spiritualism and Geraldine in a failed mining venture.

Morphett, Ann & elder daughter  Fanny Australia.  Wife of George Morphett.  They lived in North Adelaide for some years. South Australia

Pritchard, Dr. William Clowes - born in Australia.  Came to England with a B.A. from the University of Sydney. New South Wales

Rasmussen, Andrew, Henrietta & John – John drowned in the Red Sea on a voyage home from Australia.  

Thrupp, Leonard William & Annie Elizabeth, daughters Ada & Clara - daughters born in Adelaide, South Australia before the family retired to St Leonards.

de Wesselow, Francis Guillemard Simpkinson, nephew  of Lady Franklin; a topographical draughtsman for the Navy.  Served at the Rossbank Observatory.   Several of his paintings at the W L Crowther Library, Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.’  Currently, July 2023 – there is an exhibiton of his work at the Tasmanian Museum. “Simpkinson’s Hobart”  . Tasmania, Flinders Island, Victoria

Williams, Harold Elphee & wife Blanche Daisy - the couple went to Queensland, two children were born there; Harold died in 1915 and is buried in South Brisbane Cemetery. Blanche and their two children, returned to St Leonards.

Wilson, Eliza & Charles - Charles late of Sydney NSW, little else known, recorded because of the state of memorial.